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Ex agreed to meeting up but then cancelled
by Ddon   69 Replies
I'm the other woman.
by SoulLost   62 Replies
Lost and need help. Coworker becomes friend becomes “work wife” and now is ???
by DenimRoad   50 Replies
Husband supports me having affairs please help me understand him
by Ausa   47 Replies
Having Expectations and Dissapointment
by Di_ya2009   30 Replies
Labeling children
by Batya33   29 Replies
Looked through his phone
by catsonova   28 Replies
Can spanking vs not spanking kids contribute to a possible break-up?
by dragonfly87   28 Replies
hurt by ex
by Hurting29   27 Replies
Any opinions would be appreciated
by monsieurfeu   26 Replies