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Talking to guy with mental health issues
by Poptart66   116 Replies
I want my ex back but she is engaged?!? Help!
by Dr Whom   43 Replies
How soon is soon?
by Celine2   36 Replies
problems with neighbour
by kathy679   35 Replies
Where do I stand? (Please help!)
by Ownworstenem   32 Replies
Made a list of pros and cons of my boyfriend. Does this mean I should end it?
by serendipitat   28 Replies
Does this sound like an emotionally abuse relationship?
by Roadtoheal   25 Replies
Would really appreciate advice and opinions on this please
by graythings   24 Replies
Anxiety each morning
by JakeJakerson   24 Replies
Being unfriend by ex. ( Advice for this messy situation please )
by StickyFlan   24 Replies