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I screwed up big time. Will he ever forgive me?
by Charisbear78   169 Replies
Advice about young girls
by Tallfool   60 Replies
My boyfriends ''ex'' (?) crush/friend. How to deal with it?
by What87   59 Replies
Want my old crush back?
by bgborden   57 Replies
I canít deal with another personís emotional issues
by ~Seraphim ~   52 Replies
You need to forget about reconciliation.
by lemni   42 Replies
Husband hiding money
by DonnaHolmes   42 Replies
Anger at DUMPER building as NC continues. How to deal with it?
by hp1   38 Replies
What did I do wrong?
by CarinaW   37 Replies
How to let go of the little things?
by egyptianmau   35 Replies