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Can I ask a coworker to stop asking about my health?
by Rihannon   70 Replies
Have I messed things up? Would really appreciate advice?
by sbm1111   55 Replies
How does age factor into reconciliation?
by lemni   54 Replies
Confused about very short dating experience ending
by leafsfan1967   42 Replies
How do you come back together after a big argument
by James2014   41 Replies
Iím back again
by jennylove   34 Replies
Am I reading way too much into this or is he not bothered?
by Sugarloaf123   33 Replies
Boyfriend keeps telling me when other girls first on him.
by AlexSays   32 Replies
Almost dumped on Saturday
by bymyself89   31 Replies
It has been almost 2 years and no sleep overs !
by bengu   29 Replies