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Dating someone that's been to prison
by Stillsingle3   184 Replies
Girlfriend sexted a guy she knew from a dating site: Was it cheating?
by Depressed   63 Replies
Family feels entitled to my inheritance
by JessicaAllen   56 Replies
Making sense of dating a married woman
by Smiling12   56 Replies
Collecting gifts
by jenberry   52 Replies
In a relationship with someone who doesn't want to work
by Lovelavie   39 Replies
Second wife problems!
by KittyB123   35 Replies
accepting your parents don't love you, is it possible ?
by 31773   33 Replies
Prayers /Good thoughts for my Shay
by ~Seraphim ~   31 Replies
Could he be lying about how he feels about me?
by alexa5207   30 Replies