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How can I tell a woman I don't want to ejaculate during sex without her being offended?
by ironpony   76 Replies
I'd like to hear women's opinions on this
by jul-els   69 Replies
Moving in together with my almost one year boyfriend but one big issue
by lolita   59 Replies
He is still active on dating site
by Sarah3000   51 Replies
Would a girl purposely not contact you to see if youíll contact her?
by Rozhni   42 Replies
Broke up with gf
by AloneNoMore   41 Replies
My 2 bestfriends have blocked me after coming to my home
by Meowgi   41 Replies
that might sound a bit crazy but pls try not to judges...
by Sheron   38 Replies
My husband and I canít come to an agreement on what in inappropriate in our marriage.
by SaraJane99   37 Replies
It's crazy the difference between dating older and younger women
by awakenings33   37 Replies