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Question for the ladies. Honest answers please
by mandeelove   66 Replies
I am utterly confused
by Larajuan   56 Replies
Insecure Boyfriend, Need some advice!
by beccab98   55 Replies
Divorce-I'm scared
by NoDivorce   53 Replies
Ex didn't wish me a Happy Birthday
by Blossom314   49 Replies
Does this guy sound like a narcissist? What do I think of this?
by Igor1   47 Replies
I feel overwhelmed by my boyfriend
by RizzleR   45 Replies
Is it strange to want to raise another family?
by Lost 73   43 Replies
Hour commute
by LazyDaisy   42 Replies
Need help talking to my wife about her weight
by Gregminster   37 Replies