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The T-Tapp Basic Plus Workout




Excerpted from
Fit and Fabulous in 15 Minutes: Lose Up to 2 Sizes in 4 Weeks Workout
By Teresa Tapp, Barbara Steinberg Smalley

T-Tapp's Basic Plus Workout is designed primarily for beginners and to help the lit get litter. It delivers inch loss as well as improved health and wellness. Tills quickie workout tightens and tones, strengthens and stretches, de-stresses and energizes-plus saves lime. It takes just fifteen minutes to complete, yet still provides cardiac conditioning and improved circulation.

There's an interesting story behind this time-saving routine. Based on my formal education, all the research I had read, and my own personal experiences. I used to believe that you had to exercise for at least forty-five minutes to burn fat and lose inches. Then three years ago, WMAR-TV, an ABC affiliate in Baltimore, Maryland, invited viewers to enter a drawing for a fitness challenge. The winner would receive a videotape of my forty-five-minute Total Workout, and the television station would report on his or her results after thirty days. A fifty-two-year-old woman was declared the winner, and light away - on live TV - she insisted that she didn't have forty-five minutes a day to exercise. However, she did promise to do the first fifteen minutes of my Total Workout for four consecutive days, then switch to an every-other-day routine for the remainder of the month.

Was I worried that she wouldn't see any results? You'd better believe it! Was I surprised when she lost almost two clothing sizes in thirty days? Most definitely! What made these results even sweeter was that this thirty-day challenge occurred during the Christmas holidays - a time when most of us gain weight and have no time to exercise.

"I ale cookies and pie and still lost inches," the contest winner declared after the thirty days were up. In fact, she continued to T-Tapp, and within six weeks had lost another size and a half .

These dramatic results made me realize that less really is more with T-Tapp. And when testimonials from other T-Tappers with time constraints began pouring in, along with claims that they, too, were getting amazing results from doing just the first fifteen minutes of my Total Workout, I decided to create the Basic Plus Workout.

Enjoy the exercises in this chapter as a stand-alone workout, as a warm-up for my Total Workout, or on flays you're pressed for time but still want to he fit and feel fabulous.

Primary Back Stretch

I consider Primary Back Stretch to be one of the most important, if not the most important, movement in terms of how much it can help the body help itself build or rebuild neurokinetic and lymphatic function. It can be used as a stand-alone exercise to help your body maintain better spinal alignment with improved strength and flexibility, or it can be used as an effective warm-up to any exercise activity.

Initially, I created Primary Back Stretch to help my body maintain a strong spine with less lower back pain and discomfort, as well as to help cancer patients I was working with to lessen some of the side effects they were experiencing from chemotherapy and radiation treatments. But I discovered over time that when Primary Back Stretch is done before physical activity, it can significantly improve metabolic processing and cardiac performance. Traditional exercise teaches that it takes approximately twenty minutes of activity for the body to warm up, but when you do Primary Back Stretch first, your body turns into a fat-burning machine much quicker.

In addition to contributing to increased endurance and faster fat burning, Primary Back Stretch also offers a multitude of health benefits, such as better circulation with warmer hands and feet, better lymphatic function with less swelling or edema, improved mental clarity with fewer headaches, and improved energy for those with autoimmune disorders. Many people have shared tremendous testimonials on how effective Primary Back Stretch has been for their health. But the amazing part to me isn't the movement-it's the body's ability to respond and repair. That's why it's never too late to get fit or improve your health. However, you must move to make it happen, and when you use comprehensive, compound muscle movement in sequences such as Primary Back Stretch, you enable your body to maximize function and build a better body.

Application of form is very important, so read all the instructions and study the photos before trying this exercise. You should feel heat radiate through your spine and all through your body as you progressively warm up. Best of all, the more neurokinetically connected your body becomes, the faster you will feel this, even to the back of your hands and lops of your feel. Isn't it amazing how three minutes of muscle movement can do so much? I may go days or weeks without doing a full workout, but I always start and finish each day with Primary Back Stretch. See what it can do for you.

Step 1

Assume the T-Tapp stance as explained in Chapter 3, with toes forward, knees bent, butt tucked, shoulders back, and knees out into KIT position. Your hands should be below your waist with lingers lifting away and elbows pulling back as you push your thumbs into your back. Feel how the muscles in your back tightened and how your shoulders pulled back? I call this push/pull action "leverage isometrics" and use it to help your body increase neurokinelic transmission and maximize muscle contraction. Leverage isometrics not only helps establish better isometric activation along the spine and throughout your back, but also helps create lull fiber activation in die muscles from your shoulder to neck (trapeziusand latissimus dorsi). Bringing shoulders back in linear alignment to your hips while pushing knees out toward your little toes (KLT) comprehensively activates your abdominal muscles as well. Now arch your butt up as you move your upper body into a flat back position. Keep pushing your thumbs into your back and pull your elbows up. You should feel as though your back is scooped out, although it appears flat. Inhale/exhale and then lighten your bun. Feel how this intensifies the muscle activation down the back of your thighs? Isometric activation of your gluteal muscles while knees are in KLT optimizes stretch of your hamstring muscles, which in turn burns off more glucose and/or fat. Now inhale bigger and exhale bigger, and proceed to Step 2.

Form Check: Shoulders and hips should be level not only for spinal support, but also to maximize effectiveness

Most Common Mistake

If your shoulders are higher or lower than the hips, and if your elbows aren't up, this inactivates your abdominal and back muscles. Linear alignment of shoulder to hip is important.



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