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Baby - Features and Functions




Excerpted from
Baby: An Owner's Manual
By Steve Tague, Julie Long

Important Safety Precautions: Read before operating your Baby

When using your Baby, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of damage, personal injury, excessive stress and/or sleepless nights.

Prevent Damage to Unit

. Do not operate your Baby while under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medications.

. Wash hands thoroughly before handling Baby.

. Always hold Baby with both hands and support from underneath.

. Do not obstruct flow of ventilating air.

. Do not let children play on or near Baby.

. Check that cord is unplugged before use.

. Keep exhaust opening and surrounding area free of dirt, dust and accumulated debris.

. Do not place anything heavy on Baby.

OBJECT ON BABY WARNING (symbol provided by DBSS)


(symbol provided by DBSS)

Read all instructions!

. Do not place Baby on unstable surface.

Unit may fall, resulting in serious damage.

Prevent Injuries

. Always be aware of the risk of injury.

. Keep face at a distance from all moving parts.

. Do not place unit's speakers close to ears.

Baby may emit high frequency sounds without warning resulting in serious damage to eardrum.

Storage and Placement of Unit

. Never leave Baby near water unattended. Do not submerse completely in water.

. Place Baby in location with adequate ventilation to prevent heat buildup.

. Do not place Baby in direct sunlight without supervision and sunscreen protection. Prolonged exposure to sun may cause serious damage to Baby.

. When not in use, store unit in reclined position. Never store unit inverted.

. Avoid extreme heat and cold. Do not place unit in contact with sources of heat or cold, such as radiators, stoves and freezers.


(symbol provided by DBSS)

Miscellaneous Warnings

. To reduce risk of shock, do not expose Baby to electrical outlets, wires or obnoxious relatives.

. To protect the original finish, do not use any type of abrasive pad or scouring powder on Baby.

. To prevent damage or injury to Baby, any repairs and servicing should be performed by an authorized service provider.



Congratulations on your new Baby! With proper care and handling, your Baby will prove to be the finest investment of your lifetime.

Before you begin operating your Baby, please take a few minutes to read and become familiar with the instructions in this book. On the following pages you will find a wealth of information regarding all aspects of your Baby. By following the instructions carefully, you will be able to fully enjoy and properly maintain your Baby for years to come. Owners are often so satisfied that they order additional units.

NOTE: The instructions appearing in this Owner's Manual are not meant to cover every possible condition and situation that may occur. Common sense and caution must be practiced when operating, maintaining and playing with any Baby.

Explanation of Symbols

The purpose of the safety symbols is to attract your attention to possible dangers or unpleasant situations. The warning symbols and their explanations deserve your careful attention and understanding. The safety warnings by themselves do not eliminate any danger. The warnings or instructions they give are not substitutes for proper accident prevention measures.

safety pinThe safety pin is intended to alert the user to important safety instructions that may help avoid damage to unit and/or user.
bottleThe bottle indicates a key operating instruction. Failure to follow the instructions as stated can result in less than optimal performance by your Baby.
water dropThe water drop indicates a situation in which improper handling could result in the potential for your unit to leak. Leaking can and should be avoided.
thermometerThe thermometer indicates a situation that may cause your unit to overheat.
clockThe clock indicates an operating procedure of a time-intensive or time-sensitive nature which could impact effective time management.
gogglesThe safety goggles are intended to alert the user to a situation that could potentially cause eye damage to the owner or to other persons near the Baby.

Features and Functions

Available Models

The Baby delivered to you from the factory is a one-of-a-kind, custom creation. Though no two units are exactly alike, your Baby can be classified as one of two base models. Both models function similarly for the first few years and differ primarily in undercarriage design.

Available Models (cont.)

Identify the model of your unit using the sample photos provided (see figs. 2a and 3a). For future reference, make note of model number under Product Specifications (pg. 84), along with height, weight and other information. Some specifications will vary by individual unit.

Model BBY-XY-BModel BBY-XX-G
fig. 2A
Model BBY-XY-B
fig. 3A
Model BBY-XX-G
gogglesCAUTION: Without rear cover in place, Model BBY-XY-B may spray spontaneously, which can cause burning to eyes. If this occurs, flush eyes with water.
water dropCAUTION: Units are shown without rear covers to provide view of undercarriage. Operating unit without rear cover is not recommended and may result in leaking. See Changing Rear Cover (pg. 40).

Colors and Finishes

The Baby comes in a wide array of colors and finishes, and very few units are identical in appearance.

Exterior Color

The color of your unit's exterior is preset at the factory. Figures 4a-d illustrate just a few of the possible shades. At times your Baby's exterior may appear mottled or two-toned (see fig. 4c). This will cease as unit's circulation system improves over the first 100 hours of operation.

BuffButt'r Rum

safety pinCAUTION: Always protect unit's finish from direct sunlight. Sunscreen can be used on units six months or older.

Lens Color

The manufacturer selects lens color, which may fluctuate before the pigment permanently sets. On units with darker exterior colors, dark lenses will usually not change. On units with lighter exterior color, lens color may change several times during the first six months and up to a year (see figs. 5a-c).

lens color

Blemishes in the Finish

Your Baby's exterior is made of natural materials and therefore its finish may include slight irregularities. These imperfections only add to the unique character of your individual unit. Keeping the finish clean and dry will help clear up blemishes. Many blemishes, such as flakes, pimples and rashes disappear within a few days. Others may fade over a period of months or years. Consult your authorized service provider if you have a concern about your unit's finish.


bottleCAUTION: Any connecting of dots on unit's exterior should be attempted only with a washable marker.



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