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Should I Express My Feelings or Seal the Date with a Kiss?

Paula Thompson


Advice Request: I recently bumped into this girl while shopping at the mall. We hit it off pretty well and found that we share quite a bit in common. We exchanged numbers and set up a time to meet again. When we did, we comfortably opened up to each other while talking and walking. Yet, I'm unsure about her feelings towards me, and if I feel the same way. I'm also hesitant about when to express my feelings to her and if it was appropriate for a kiss at the end of the day. Could use some advice here!

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As a relationship coach with many years of experience, I understand the confusion and anticipation that you're feeling right now. First and foremost, remember that each relationship is unique, and there's no one-size-fits-all advice. However, I will offer some guidelines that may help you navigate through your situation.

In the realm of romance, clear communication is key. You've built a good rapport with this girl, which is a fantastic start. Comfort and openness are crucial to any successful relationship, and it's great that you both feel at ease in each other's company. These are positive indicators, but they don't necessarily reveal romantic interest.

On the matter of expressing your feelings, timing can be tricky. Before you spill your heart out, I'd suggest you look for signs that she's interested in more than friendship. Is she giving you prolonged eye contact, leaning in when you're talking, or touching your arm during a conversation? These are common signs of attraction. However, they are not definitive and may vary from person to person.

Instead of rushing to express your feelings, consider deepening your connection first. Engage her in diverse activities that would allow you both to experience different aspects of each other's personalities. Try some adventurous outings or share your passions and hobbies. This will allow both of you to learn more about each other beyond surface-level conversations and shared interests.

Now, regarding that end-of-the-night kiss, there's no clear-cut answer. It's crucial to read the situation and respect her comfort zone. If the moment feels right and there seems to be a mutual spark, a kiss might be a nice way to end the date. However, always ensure that it's consensual. If you're unsure, it's better to err on the side of caution and wait for a more opportune moment.

A relationship doesn't have to be rushed. Take your time to understand your feelings and hers. It's okay to be unsure at this stage; ambiguity is part of the journey of discovering love and romance. Trust your instincts, keep an open mind, and allow your relationship to unfold naturally.


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