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How Can I Pull Myself Out of Rock Bottom?

Olivia Sanders


Dear eNotAlone: I feel like I'm in rock bottom. Life has just been an uphill battle, no matter how hard I've tried, I just can't seem to get ahead. I was born in a middle class family, but for the majority of my life, I never could keep myself above poverty and struggled to make ends meet. My anxiety and depression always made it so that school or working was hard. I found myself with no job and no money more times than I want to think about. To make matters worse, I just got denied yet again on support from the government. Everywhere I turn, I'm faced with roadblocks. I've had plenty of breakdowns, and now I don't know what to do. I'm desperate, how can I pull myself out of this?

* * *

It can be incredibly difficult to navigate life when you're stuck in a rut of despair and setbacks. For many of us, life can often be full of storms that come one after the other and make it challenging to even determine which way is up. Your situation may seem dire, but there are ways to find solutions amid the chaos.

First and foremost, recognize the courage and strength it takes to keep moving forward. Frequently, life presents us with an endless series of barriers and obstacles, and it can be easy to become trapped in this vicious cycle. Acknowledge within yourself that each day presents new opportunities that can be used to change your circumstances and reach new heights. Despite the discouraging nature of your situation, recognize that you have the strength to persevere if you try hard enough.

It's also important to take the time to understand how even the smallest aspects in our lives can help lead to success. Take inventory of your current situation to identify areas that might need more attention. If you're not presently working, search through the resources available in your community in addition to a variety of online outlets. It can take a while to land a job that fits your needs, but keeping an eye out consistently can yield a desirable outcome.

The same goes for financial assistance. Speaking to an accredited financial advisor would provide you with the best approach towards improving your finances. They will be able to help craft a plan tailored to your situation that will allow you to make calculated decisions to build a secure future. Connecting with service groups that can help provide little extra boosts or provide special discounts or benefits can also help those in your situation to maximize their potential. By having the patience to pick the right plan, you can move forward without feeling overwhelmed.

It's of paramount importance to build a social network. It's easy to feel alone when facing a difficult point in life. Without a support system, feelings of loneliness and sadness can start to permeate our lives and it's often difficult to escape these emotions. Reaching out and reaching down to friends, family and non-profits can help by allowing someone to empathize with your struggles. Letting others in can offer a refreshing perspective and help remind you that you aren't alone.

Above all else, take things slow, one step at a time. Building a life from the ground up requires dedication and hard work, but breaks and moments to appreciate life and its beauty along the way can help bring joy from the darkest of times. Once you get into a groove and figure out methods and strategies to reach success, the journey does get easier. Just thinking positively and repeating mantras to remind yourself that you can do it will give you the courage to keep going.


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