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How Can I Build Relationships With Prospects?

Paula Thompson


Dear eNotAlone: I've been completely isolated from people my entire life, and at this moment I'm battling with the fear and anxiety of meeting potential customers which may be the key to success in my business. My biggest concern is that I don't have a very large social circle, so I don't know if I have what it takes to make a good impression on people. Is there anyone that can help me understand how I can build relationships with my prospects?

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Building relationships with prospects can be both rewarding and intimidating. It can be especially challenging for those who are unfamiliar with the dynamics of establishing positive connections with others. As someone with limited social experience, you may feel overwhelmed when reaching out to potential customers, but there are steps you can take to build productive relationships.

First and foremost, communication is key. This doesn't mean you need to be talkative or outgoing - instead, simply allow yourself to be open and honest. When speaking with a prospect, be clear and concise. Avoid text-based conversations or large blocks of text, as they are often easier misinterpreted. Instead, keep your message direct and precise.

A great way to foster connections is to listen. Make an effort to remember important details and stay focused during conversations. Doing so will create a sense of trust between you and your customer, and will show them they can rely on you. Being present in the conversation also makes it easier to determine their needs - understanding your prospect's wants and needs is essential to providing them with a good service.

With that being said, building relationships isn't just about understanding your customer's wants and needs. It's also about uncovering their values and interests. You want to learn about your customers on a more personal level. Ask about their hobbies, interests or even their families, and see if you can find some common ground. A rapport built on shared interests is stronger, and customers won't feel like they're having a transaction forced upon them.

Relationships also require dedication and consistency. Build on each interaction to ensure that the relationship progresses. Keep your communication short, as too much detail may overwhelm prospects. Reach out often, especially via email - but be sure to keep it positive and upbeat.

Reaching out to potential customers may be intimidating at first, but if you focus on communication, listening, and understanding, you should be able to build strong relationships with them and succeed in growing a successful business. The key is to remain patient and confident, and not let your limited social experience interfere.


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