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How Can I Handle My Fiancee's Husband Trying to Cause Trouble?

Natalie Garcia


Dear eNotAlone: My fiance was recently married to someone else. He claims to love her, but is also constantly trying to stir up trouble between us. He accuses me of things I haven't done, creates tension by refusing to acknowledge our relationship, and sets up situations that would guarantee conflict with me. He does this in public and private settings, which means we always have to be aware of his behavior. As if that wasn't enough, he threatens to end the relationship whenever we argue. How can I handle this difficult situation and keep things from escalating further?

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Many couples find themselves in a situation like yours – trying to navigate a difficult set of circumstances driven by a third party's intentions. It can be overwhelming, emotionally taxing, and damaging. However, it is possible to navigate these tumultuous waters through communication, calmness, and understanding for any party involved.

Communication is key to any successful relationship, and your current predicament is no exception. Instead of avoiding conflict or escaping unnoticed, be honest and open with your emotions. You might feel the need to bottle up your feelings, but remember that when you're dealing with your fiance's husband, voicing your feelings in a calm and respectful manner can often be the best route. Of course, it's important to recognize that even when presented professionally, the other person may still not receive your point of view kindly. That's why it's always a good idea to try and be truthful, yet tactful. This way, you are able to establish where you stand in the equation without crossing any emotional boundaries. it's also important to apologize if needed and never allow yourself to become defensive - as explained ‘The art of a successful apology goes beyond words and is always centered on sincerity, compassion, and accountability.'

It's also essential to remember that you are not solely responsible for handling this situation. Talk things over with your fiance and make sure his partner is involved in the process. If the situation gets too heated, come to an agreement with all parties on how best to move forward. In many cases, couples can agree on a cooling period where both sides agree to step away for a while in order to reignite peace and consider their joint options.

Finding creative ways to relax and unwind can also help. Taking part in activities that you enjoy, such as those that involve meditation, mindfulness and light exercise can not only adequately distract you from what you're dealing with, but can also foster positive emotions, reducing your likelihood of responding emotionally in both private and public settings.

Above all, remember that you don't ever have to comply with any unreasonable requests, or put up with anyone who is actively trying to disrupt your life. Remind yourself that you are entitled to exert boundaries of your own, and if things continue to escalate, it may be worth seeking professional advice.


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