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IF You're Looking for HAPPINESS, You ONLY Really Need THIS One Thing!




Today, GrowthDay trainer Jonathan Fields shares his insight on how to live a better and happier life. Enjoy!


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Where he talks about being able to watch a couple, and accurately predict if they'll divorce later on or stay married, I'm able to do that somehow!  Up to now, I've been accurate whenever I can feel somethings is just, "off," about the way they interact.

One divorce of yet another work couple my husband knows is happening right now, and I saw it coming years ago.  I could just tell.

And there was another like that, too, who was friends with this one's wife (both couples ended in nasty divorces).  

How odd to be able to just watch a couple, and then accurately predict if they'll be able to make it or not.

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I guess it's odd in the sense that it feels like a prediction. But one of the qualities that makes people human is the ability to empathize and relate to others--that's why we love tragedies and comedies, etc. We can all sense and interpret the dynamics of other people's relationships, although there are different degrees of comprehension and different levels of consciousness where reaction is concerned (in both the observer and the observed). Comprehension and consciousness are qualities that we are able to recognize as well.

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