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Women May Choose Wrong Partners When On Contraceptive Pill




By Margarita Nahapetyan

According to the most recent lab experiments, a contraceptive pill might alter the way women feel about their partners. In particular, it was revealed that ladies who have been on the pill when starting a relationship may no longer be attracted to their partner when they come off it.

As a result, scientists from Stirling University are urging women not to use the contraceptive pill in the run-up to nuptials in order to make sure that their feelings remain the same. They say that women who are on the pill generally stay in a relationship 2 years longer when compared to those who use natural contraception. However, women on the pill appear to be happier with the non-sexual aspects of their relationship and are more likely to stay together even if the affection fades away.

To come up with this conclusion, the experts polled over the internet more than 2,500 females from different countries all around the globe. The research was interested only in the answers of the women who had their first child with the partner. The women were asked about how happy and satisfied they felt in their relationships. Some of them had met their partner while they were taking the contraceptive pill, but not all of them still lived together with the fathers of their kids.

The survey revealed that those ladies who took the pill found their spouse or a partner less attractive and less sexually satisfying when compared to those who did not use the contraceptive pill. The authors speculated that women who did not use oral contraceptives were more likely to prefer partners with high levels of testosterone and those who took oral contraceptives preferred men with lower testosterone levels. In other words, the experts say that hormones in the pill are associated with women favoring sensitive men, who make better husbands in marriage and, in general, are better suited for family life. This means that women are more likely to avoid "tough" guys who might be more fun or offer an amazing sex.

Dr. Craig Robers, a study's principal author, stressed out that the results of his survey were based on the average answers of thousands of female pill users, and that not every woman who is on the pill will have the same effects. However, Dr. Roberts suggested that those women who use oral contraceptive pills and plan to get married might want to switch to another method of contraception for some period of time, just to make sure that they really want to settle down with Mr. Right. Opting for a non-hormonal method of contraception for several months before settling down might be a correct way for a woman to reassure herself that she is still happy with the relationship and her partner, said Dr. Roberts. However, other experts caution women to be very careful before quitting the birth control pill, as they might be exposing themselves to an increased risk of unplanned pregnancy.

The study results are published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.



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