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Some Women Choose A Diet Over Relationships




By Margarita Nahapetyan

A new survey by the weight loss company Atkins has discovered that more than fifty per cent of women think and worry much more about their appearance and dieting than they do about men and their relationships. After interviewing about 1300 female dieters in the United Kingdom, the came to the conclusion that fifty four percent of the ladies were concerned about what was on their plates more than about intimacy with their partners, and twenty five per cent felt that following a diet was more important than any kind of relationship.

Another thing revealed was that attaining a perfect "beach body" was number one priority for those starting a diet, while one out of every seven women said that that they were encouraged and motivated to kick-start a diet and take their looks very seriously after harsh comments and tease from other people were passed on them.One in ten women went even that far confessing that straying from their strict diet was way too worse than being unfaithful to a spouse or a boyfriend, and almost one third of dieting ladies - 29 per cent - stated that if they had been given a choice, they would rather break a promise to their loved one than break their diet.

According to Linda O'Byrne, Atkins chief nutritionist, following a diet should never become an obsession for anybody, it is not healthy as it can produce an opposite effect. The professional also added that the last thing any woman would want is for their diet to pose any kind of negative impact on their life. When diet is taking over a woman, then there is no chance that it will do her any good. So it is actually not very good for women to think about food so much.

The nutritionist said that the key for a reasonable dieting is to let it become the part of one's everyday lifestyle and not something that a person is constantly thinking about. Those on a diet must concentrate on consuming healthy products and drinking enough liquids. Also, they should try to reduce sugar and refined carb intake and get enough exercise on a regular basis. This, O'Byrne said in the the conclusion, if done with patience, is the key to successful weight loss, no matter what age a person is or however much their weight is.

It is very interesting what the opposite sex would think on this matter and we have to believe that men's responses would be very different, but in the current survey by Atkins only ladies were interviewed, so for now, there could be only speculations on what gentlemen could think about this one. It is estimated that three quarters of the adult females in the United Kingdom have been following some sort of a diet at least once in their lifetime.



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