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Excerpted from
Extraordinary Guidance; How to Connect with Your Spiritual Guides
By Liza M. Wiemer

Like an alarm clock, I heard our four-month-old son, Evan, crying from his crib. It was 2:15 on a windy September morning in 1994. Bleary-eyed, I got out of bed and fed him until he fell asleep in my arms. After I laid him back in his crib, I took a moment to gaze at this little miracle, then crept out of his room. These two o'clock feedings had been my routine for the past month, and nothing appeared to be out of the ordinary. How could I know that momentarily I would embark on a wondrous spiritual journey that would change my life and the lives of many others?

Before returning to bed, I went into the master bathroom. Light shone dimly through the window from a neighbor's lamppost, and all seemed calm. But suddenly I felt an unsettling presence in the room. The sensation was similar to walking down an empty street and having a stranger approach me from behind: eerie, uncomfortable. I looked around. Everything appeared to be in its place, yet I still felt uneasy. I shut off the bathroom light, bolted into our bed, and huddled underneath the covers. My husband, Jim, slept soundly to my right, his back to me. I wanted to snuggle close but knew I might wake him. As I held the covers up to my chin, I felt compelled to look to my left. What I saw left me awestruck.

A bright, shimmering light came toward me in a starburst of yellowish white sparkles. The light source grew until a translucent, exquisitely handsome man's face appeared in its vibrant center. Maybe I should have been frightened, but instead I was elated. His energy overflowed with intense love and kindness. Something deep inside my memory recognized his face. I knew that I was being reunited with an old and dear friend. The name Wil came into my thoughts, and I realized that he was my guardian angel - although he later asked me to use the term spiritual guide. I stared at him and thought, You're beautiful! He laughed and smiled, amused at my comment and delighted that I was so pleased to see him.

At the foot of the bed, I saw two smaller light sources. I felt their divine love and sensed that they were present to oversee my conversation with Wil. I call it a conversation, but Wil and I communicated by thought. I heard his words in my head and spoke to him through my thoughts. We communicated simultaneously: before I could even complete a question, the answer would come to me.

Wil began by announcing the reason for his presence. Liza, you have a mission. You are to devote your life to helping people. Do you understand?

"Yes," I responded, even though I had no idea what "helping people" entailed. Over time, however, my strong faith, combined with the opening of my spiritual connection, would give me the guidance to understand my life's mission. I now know that I am to help others by teaching them to connect with their own spiritual guides in a very easy manner.

As Wil and I communicated, a depressing thought popped unexpectedly into my mind: "suicide." I had no idea where the thought had come from, but as soon as I had it, my body was thrust up off the bed; then, just as quickly, it returned to a resting position. Wil calmly broke through my terror at my lack of control over my thoughts and my body, and said:

Liza, you are to eliminate all negative thoughts. Negativity will keep you from achieving your life's mission. This was a serious demonstration to show you how damaging negative ideas and influences can be in a person's life. Suicide is the culmination of negative beliefs and surroundings. Unhappiness, unfulfilled dreams, and misery result from negative thoughts. Positive thoughts are as easy to express as negative, if people would only allow themselves to view the world differently. Adversity is not necessarily defeating. Situations that come forth in people's lives will not weigh them down like boulders if they seek positive resolutions. You can help people understand this.

For the first time I clearly recognized how the negativity in my life had been emotionally and physically destructive to me. Wil's comments made sense, and I felt less rattled - although I prayed that my body would never again be hoisted into the air.

In retrospect, I can see that the word suicide came into my mind as a reminder of how depressed I had been before I ended my relationship with my verbally and emotionally abusive mother. At times, I had felt hopeless because I believed I had no control over my own life. Through prayer and consultation with my rabbis, I was able to find the courage to change, but where had the notion of suicide come from in the first place?

Around the time I was eight years old, I had a babysitter whom I loved dearly. She was fun to be with, compassionate, and creative. But one day, she didn't come to baby-sit, and I later learned that she had killed herself. I saw the horrific heartbreak of her family and how it was quickly silenced by their despair. I, too, dealt with this tragic loss by burying it, although my heart had been torn apart. And yet I realized instinctively that death was not the answer, no matter how difficult life seemed to be. And so began my search for purpose. If life can be filled with despair and yet death is not the answer, then each one of us must have a God-given purpose. Sometimes we need to search through the muck to figure out what it is.

I don't remember why, but Wil briefly left my presence. When he did, I woke my husband. "Jim, guess what?" I said breathlessly. "I just had the most amazing experience. I spoke with my guardian angel, Wil! I've been given a mission to help people! Can you believe it?"

"I believe you," Jim said in his usual nothing-surprises-me tone, "but let's talk about it in the morning. I'm exhausted." He rolled over and fell back to sleep. Jim's matter-of-fact reaction didn't upset me. He had had his share of extraordinary spiritual experiences before we met and believed that people can receive spiritual guidance.

For a few minutes I lay astonished and shaken. I inched closer to Jim as he slept, hoping to calm my pounding heart. Once again I felt a strong urge to look to my left. I turned my head and saw Wil's beautiful starburst of shimmering light, but without the image of his handsome face. I noticed that the two other light sources had returned to the foot of our bed. The anxiety I'd felt moments before was gone, replaced by peacefulness. I did wonder if Wil had been angered when the word suicide had popped into my mind, and I was still confused about why it had come to me. "You know I would never think of killing myself!" I said silently to Wil. "I don't understand."

Let me make it very clear, he responded. You misinterpreted my actions. My intention when I hoisted your body out of bed was not to frighten you or to express anger but to impress upon you the importance of positive thoughts. We know you are happy most of the time, but you still occasionally allow negativity to overwhelm your thoughts. Be positive. You do not need to think negatively. Do you understand?

"Yes, I guess I never thought about it before," I said. Then Wil asked me to restate my mission. Over and over, these words went through my mind: "I will help others. I will help others."

Wil interrupted my affirmation to say, Well done! Is there anything else you would like to ask?

"Oh, yes," I responded. "Is my father all right?"

After my parents' bitter divorce, my father and I had rarely spent time together, but during the previous ten months he had listened to me discuss my painful relationship with my mother. Now, for the first time since I had become an adult, my dad and I were getting to know each other. The answers poured into my thoughts before I could finish the question.

Your dad feels guilty because he thinks that somehow he failed his children after he and your mother divorced. His guilt is weighing on his soul, and you can let him know that you forgive him and do not blame him for the past. Now he needs to forgive himself. Tell him he did the best he could under the circumstances. If you relay this message to your father, it will bring him a lot of comfort and relief. Do not worry, your father will be fine.

"I had no idea my father felt this way," I responded.

We talked about my children and husband. Like most mothers, I feared SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome), and Wil reassured me that my baby was safe. He patiently relieved all my concerns and then advised me to nurture my elder son Justin's creative spirit, recommending toys and play activities and suggesting that we buy him puppets. To this day, Justin loves to create elaborate stories using the puppet characters we bought him.

I asked about my friend and neighbor Carin. Wil said, Tell her to renew her faith.

I was puzzled. "What does that mean?" I asked.

Wil's response was clear. Carin will understand. Let her interpret the meaning.

He gave helpful information for other friends along with insights into my relationship with my estranged mother. Wil cheered my decision to remove myself from my volatile relationship with her as wise and courageous. It is not your job to change your mother, he asserted. Let go of the hurt and forgive within your own heart.

"How can I?" I asked. "It's been so hard."

We will help you, he said.

This was the first time Wil had referred to the two other light sources or guides, who had not spoken directly to me. Yet I had been aware that they were communicating with Wil and felt privileged to receive their love and knowledge. Several months after this encounter, these guides introduced themselves to me as Gabriela and Leone and explained their presence. I now know them as two higher guides who have helped me in my life and mission. Their endless patience, love, and sound advice are strong forces in my life.

The dim light of dawn began to peek through our bedroom shades, and my conversation with Wil came to an end at 4:00 a.m. I was exhausted but felt peaceful, loved, and understood. I slept until Jim woke to get ready for work.

As Jim dressed, I lay in bed replaying Wil's messages in my mind, eager to relay them to the appropriate people. I wondered anxiously if the words would be meaningful to my family and friends. After breakfast, Justin and I - carrying Evan in my arms - walked across the street to Carin's home. I needed to know if the message I'd received for her had any significance. As Carin put on her makeup in the bathroom, I sat on her toilet seat and told her about my miraculous experience, leaving nothing out. Finally, I blurted, "I received a message for you."

She dropped her eyeliner and stared at me. I looked straight into her face and said, "Renew your faith." Her expression changed from curious to surprised and slightly shocked. It was obvious that these words had tremendous meaning for her. She confided that she was struggling to merge her present spiritual beliefs, which paralleled mine, with the strict religious teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, in which she'd been raised. She had already confronted this issue when she enrolled her four-year-old in Sunday school, but this message was the catalyst to help Carin talk about her spirituality. Even though it had bothered her for some time, she had never discussed the issue with anyone.

But the message was also significant to Carin because she had been trying for more than a year to get pregnant with her third child. She had conceived her first two children easily and couldn't understand why it was so difficult this time. Immediately after hearing this message, Carin began to examine her unresolved faith.



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