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Food for Thought: Thought for Food




Excerpted from
The Only Diet There Is
By Sondra Ray

Nourishment is certainly the least acknowledged of personal daily miracles. The alchemy of digestion and new cell formation is at the source of the life process itself. "Wonder Bread helps build strong bodies twelve ways" - this is indeed a wonder.

I have a friend who has completed a long experiment with diet. After growing to maturity on the average fare of a Brooklyn-born Columbia University student, he migrated to Idaho, where for one year he "took as many mind-altering drugs as possible." He made it through this test in fine shape. Then he went to a Zen monastary in California, where he became a monk and served as chief cook and gardener. For the first time in two years he followed a strict macrobiotic system, avoiding all sweets and red meat, gradually narrowing down to brown rice, salt plums, and a few cooked vegetables. His health was extremely good.

After almost three years of this, he suddenly switched to a diet consisting entirely of raw fruits and juice. From the macrobiotic point of view, this should have produced drastic and unpleasant effects on both mind and body. He still felt wonderful. In fact, the less he ate, the better he felt. He reached a point where for several months he would just chew one or two apples each day, swallowing only the juice and spitting out the meat. He found he could regulate his weight at will while on this diet, gaining or losing five pounds in a day, just by setting his mind on it. He continued this diet until winter, when he added some vegetables to keep his body warmer.

One day, while sitting with the other monks at their meal, he suddenly realized that he had been resisting his Zen practice by "discriminating" so much in his food choices. With that thought, he turned his inverted rice bowl right-side-up and received the monastery food he had refused for so long. Thereafter, he continued to accept as right for him whatever food he was offered. Later, he left the monastery and bought a farm in Northern California where he grew vegetables and raised livestock. His dinner table was set with whatever was ready to harvest on that day.

I asked him then what he had learned about "proper' diet. He paused a moment and said: "It's all a state of mind." His theory was that when one eats a carrot, for example, it isn't the cells of the carrot which transmute in our bodies to become living flesh. Based on his experience with the apples, he thought that the food we eat tunes our systems to a vibrational code. We then absorb pure life energy through breathing, and create new tissue as a direct process of thought. The carrot or apple serves as a catalytic aid. He mentioned to me that there are many documented cases of people like Theresa Neuman who have lived for years in a state of religious ecstasy without eating at all. Also, the findings of homeopathic medicine indicate that a remedy administered in a highly diluted form can have a more powerful effect than a massive dose of the same substance. Perhaps just thinking "carrot" in the right way could set in motion the same functions as are triggered when we actually eat one.

This book. The Only Diet There Is, addresses this premise, and offers a practical method which you can safely test for yourself. What we believe is what we experience; by changing our attitudes, our bodies will use our food differently. The proof of this pudding however, is still in the tasting. Try Sondra's diet. See what happens.



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