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All Women Are Psychics




Excerpted from
All Women Are Psychics
By Diane Stein

Altered States of Consciousness and Psychic Experience

Because the nature of our inner dimension is qualitatively different from the material world around us, we have no framework for understanding what we experience when working with if There's a vulnerability, an insecurity, that you feel when working with the inner consciousness, for there is no objective world to knock up against so you can know your position and what you 're dealing with ... When you understand the dynamics of inner consciousness you will find yourself more able to trust and work with your own inner powers.

As a young child, I had the feeling that there was more than I could see. I asked questions, too many of them for grownups' comfort sometimes, and often received no answers, or unsatisfactory ones. Lying in bed at night I'd wonder what was real, if what I was told or saw for myself was the whole story or if there might be more. I knew that there was another reality, something beyond what I could see or find out about, but that all the answers were there. I'd imagine what that other reality was like, where it existed, and create the possibilities in my mind. At rimes I knew I'd been there while dreaming, and waking had answers I couldn't logically have known. My parents' reactions to this, if I talked about or let slip what I knew, were often to punish - they thought I'd been listening at closed doors.

Children are universally psychic. They know that reality is multi-sided, other facets existing but not showing. They know that there are multiple possible realities, each capable of manifesting in its place and circumstance. They know that "real" is a relative term. Women in women's spirituality sense glimmers of this. They use the word "wicca," meaning to shape or to bend, and say that "magick is the art of changing reality at will." Grown wiccans grope for it, but children live it. Children move in and out of the women's cast circles, and the energy of the circle is not broken but follows them. Children see or sense auras, "know things," talk with invisible playmates and faeries, dream vividly and fully, astral travel, predict deaths as everyday happenings, foresee births, see elementals and spirits. All these are real and take place in a children's real world, an alternate world to outside-the circle concepts of reality. The mothers watch and learn to understand, to remember and re-claim for themselves.

Most children submerge their psychic skills as they grow up. They are told there are no colors when they talk of auras, that no one's there when they talk with a spirit guide or nonvisible animal helper, that they must have overheard adults when they know something, that it's "only a dream," that they can't leave their physical bodies. A child foreseeing a death or traumatic event is punished for talking about it or blamed for its coming true, and so she holds the information and her questions inside, is frightened into repressing and forgetting what she knows. A child whose unseen friend is ignored by others learns to ignore her, too. Denied the validation of her dreams she stops mentioning them, then stops remembering them. The colored auras around people and animals fade, the faeries go away, the magick stops. Assimilated into the accepted version of concrete reality, the child denies her python self and forgets it exists. A skill or sense unused goes dormant, and the doors are closed.

Entering women's spirituality as an adult, the woman who had been psychic as a child becomes psychic again. She re-opens, remembers and re-claims what she's lost, works to learn again the magick of the python Goddess within her. She becomes a child again, learning to use her inborn senses in a safer, more supportive space, discovering and polishing her skills. Exploring the realms of women's spirituality in ritual or divination, herb lore, Goddess cultures or crystals, the python of psychic ability, often unasked for, awakens. Sometimes frightening at first, psychic opening awes and exhilarates, fascinates and becomes a coming-together of other skills.

Psychic opening returns to women a part of reality that they thought was lost, a part they were taught to ignore. A new sense is added to the accepted five senses, and another level of reality manifests. Women reclaim their child selves, realities and knowings not gone but long forgotten and withheld. Other magick - deeper and fuller ways of seeing, hearing, knowing and feeling - come into focus.

Stroking the python, the creation Goddess within, re-claims women's heritage and birthright.

Loren is a psychic and re-members her childhood, shares the pain and beauty of experiencing other, unaccepted, multiple realities in a one-sided world. Patriarchy has always denied women's and children's realities, offered a pat explanation not wide enough for creative minds and free-ranging perspectives. This is obvious and evident, often painful, for women who were psychic as children and are again as adults.

My childhood memories are of seeing and hear mg things that were not 'real' to anyone around me. I remember bring taken out of kindergarten class one day because I became so entranced with watching the swirls of color and fairy forms around the das, that I no longer responded to what was happening on a mundane level... I remember hearing people's thoughts, and seeing the thoughts lake form ...

I was taken to a psychiatrist for tests when I was six... To be told that your experience of life is not real leaves you in a very dubious position in regards to your sanity.

Loren's experiences of seeing auras and thought-forms were and are real. She has re-opened her psychic life and has a child of her own now. She understands and validates her son Gabriel's psychic world, knowing that there are many versions of "real":

For him, it has been a much more gentle experience, because his mother accepts and nurtures it, and because he is a gentle soul. Sharing what I know of the spirit world with him has been a healing for the little girl in me, who now has a friend

Leonie as a child felt a oneness with other lives, a rapport with animals. She lived on a farm:

Anytime there were deer on the property and I was out one or more of them would come up to me out of the orchard stand within a few feet of me, or even come up to nuzale me, then turn and go back into the orchard. One summer I also had a moth that came to light on my shoulder at night for about a week or so It didn't approach the rest of the family, nor did the deer I also had a very dose relationship with dogs and some cats, occasionally bird as well My special affinity with larger wild animals seemed to disappear when I entered puberty, although squirrels and other small animals remain quite friendly.

She experienced the dreamworld deeply, too:

I could start a dream, pick it up the next night where I had left it and continue that way for weeks at a tune. Primarily these were dreams of situations involving feeling* about people and places I had never seen, but have since met and/ or visited. Colors, sensations, and emotional elements were combined, and matched the ones I had later.

In one case she dreamed of an accident, of herself and her mother being killed by a fast-coming ambulance as they crossed the street. Leonie was about eight years old at the time:

I had this dream repeatedly, at intervals, but was never afraid to walk along that side of the street until one day when I was with my mother again, and was seized by intense dread about half a block from that intersection. I flatly refused to go any further, or to tell my mother why, but told her she would know later. At last the agreed to cross the street. As we finished the distance on the other side of the street, an ambulance came careening into the hospital's driveway, running a red light, just as I'd seen Kin my dream. Had we been standing there, we'd most certainly have been killed.

This was a precognitive dream, a clairvoyant experience.

Diane astral projected as a child and remembers a number of experiences of doing so, as well as experiences of knowing when someone would die. Her earliest experience of foreknowing death was at two years old. She believes she teleported at an early age, and had a vivid experience with apparitions or spirits at thirteen. She has known and accepted her abilities always.

At the age of nine I astral protected. It was during a full moon in Italy. I woke up' one evening and was thirsty. I wandered into my parents' room and tried to wake them up. They wouldn't wake up, so I went to wake up my brother to play (he was six) and he wouldn't wake up, either. So I think I went back to my own room and saw myself on the bed. Upon realizing that there were two of me I figured that I could go outside and play and still not get into trouble (since I would also be in bed and not get caught). I went outside and began to walk up the driveway to get into the neighbor's vineyard. I quickly realized that flying would be a lot easier. So I flew.

Flying is fun, and being psychic is fun when the acceptance is there, the acknowledgement inside her of a child's own psychic reality.

Ana was raised in the Native American tradition where her psychic abilities were re-cognized early, respected, trained and nurtured. She was taught by her grandmother, an Algonquin Indian woman raised in the old ways, and initiated into Native American healing traditions, which are matriarchal. Ana saw auras and felt a strong telepathic link between herself, her mother and her grandmother, a link that protected her as a preschool child disabled with seizures. The link now extends through the generations to her daughter and young granddaughter. Ana as an adult is a healer, psychic and medicine woman:

My family did not ridicule me, I was respected by my cousins and sisters because my grandmother told them I was chosen and special The family came to me when I was young and still do for questions of health both mental and physical I was told as a child that my gifts' were not appreciated by all peoples and not to talk of them.

These women re-member and have claimed or re-claimed their psychic abilities. Their lives are fuller for them, though in some cases their childhoods were less easy for knowing a reality that adults around them refused. And the issue again is: what is reality? Is it more than a difference in perception or perspective? Spirituality and science, matriarchy and patriarchy have different definitions. The woman or child who is psychic experiences a reality or realities that the concrete patriarchal world denies. She has an inborn matriarchal consciousness, that way of Being.

The patriarchal world view has great investment in a concrete view of reality, a linear view that says there is only one way, and that refuses any event it can't explain or test by scientific methods. Psychic phenomena have been thoroughly tested in the laboratory, yet science still ignores them totally. They present a view of reality that's too threatening. Even where provable, psychic phenomena are personal and cannot be controlled - and the issue here is control. The left-brained rational male mind is totally immersed in empirical science, a science that says proves it and learn to duplicate it at will or it isn't valid. Only what is, is possible. What is, but can't be explained, is impossible and therefore doesn't exist. (A table is a table and nothing else). This hard-line linearity gives the Western world Wall Street, the technology of computers and heart transplants. It comes with an attitude of arrogance and superiority toward everyone but other patriarchs, and with an attitude of conquer (not live with or cooperate with) the Earth. Values are materialistic and unfeeling, and often are racist, ablist, classist, sexist and misogynist.

Matriarchy, women's value structures, think differently. The emphasis here is right-brain abstraction and creativity. In a woman-oriented Goddess world all possibilities exist and can be manifested, whether they are evident and provable or not If something is possible, it is, whether it can be duplicated and controlled or not. IA table is a table, but it is also oak wood from a living tree that can be shaped to something else. A table is an altar, or a place to eat on, or a thing for children to play under). Women are psychic, and the experiences of virtually every woman prove this. Psychic phenomena as approved in the laboratory are interesting to a point, but they were already proven outside it. That they are not understood enough to duplicate reliably under laboratory conditions is irrelevant.



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