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Ninetendo Brings The Wii Classic Controller Pro To America




By Margarita Nahapetyan

Nintendo has recently revealed that they are bringing a new version of the Wii Classic Controller to the United States this spring: the Wii Classic Controller Pro.

The new Nintendo Wii Classic Controller Pro - the last of a big range of Nintendo Wii controllers - is an upgrade over the previous version in both design and functionality, featuring a new set of shoulder buttons and a sleek design that comes in two colors - either black or white. The controller is meant to be a big improvement over the original Classic Controller due to a number of modifications. The Wii Classic Controller Pro without any doubt looks more comfortable when compared to the original one, and it will work with more than 450 current Wii, Virtual Console, and WiiWare games.

Same as the Classic Controller, the Wii Classic Controller Pro will need to be plugged into a Wii remote in order to work. The main new features of the new controller are its own set of buttons, including dual shoulder buttons that are now behind each other like on a DualShock pad, the analog sticks that are further apart, and the DualShock-style grip, which can make the difference for a Nintendo Wii professional player. In general, the new controller is much chubbier which should make it easier to hold comfortably.

Initially available only in Japan, the Classic Controller Pro will be first introduced to North American gamers the upcoming April when it is bundled with new game Monster Hunter Tri. Although the game can be played with the classic controller as well, the new Classic Controller Pro with its new professional shoulder buttons will make a great difference when it comes to killing the monsters in this new game.

Monster Hunter game is already a best seller in Japan, where it went on sale in summer 2009. Multiplayer is a central part of the Monster Hunter action game, which will feature 4-player online co-op, as well as 2-player split-screen action. Gamers who prefer to play alone will be able to compete in a single-player mode, navigating through the game's remote wilderness in a company of a survival expert.

Consumers will have a few different buying options. Available in both black and white, fans will have the choice of purchasing the controllers separately for $19.99 per each, or as part of a bundle. The bundle will include a copy of Monster Hunter Tri game and one black Classic Controller Pro, all for $59.99.

There is no information yet whether the same bundle will be available to PAL gamers, although with the same package on sale in Japan, it is more than likely that the new bundle will make its way to Europe and Australia pretty soon enough.



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