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Your Faith Has Cured You: Receiving the Healing




Excerpted from
God Stories; Inspiring Encounters with the Divine
By Jennifer Skiff

When I was twenty years old, I was in a serious car accident. I remember looking down from a place of love at a team of medical people frantically and roughly working on my lifeless body in an operating room. I seemed to be accompanied by a presence that I could not see but which was beautiful beyond words. I was being given a choice of staying or going back to my body when I received a message that there was more to do. When I regained consciousness a few days later, doctors told me I had died and was lucky to be alive.

I dismissed my experience as a dream until twenty-one years later, when something happened to me that changed my life forever. I was working as a training officer for a mining company when I decided to take a few days off to go prospecting. My father had taught me how to use a divining rod to search for underground water and minerals, and I had had success doing it. On this trip, I set up camp and headed out in search of gold.

I was following an old, overgrown wagon trail using my divining rods to guide the way when, bang!-I was zapped. It was like lightning striking in my head. There was a flash and an explosion. I was flattened and found myself sitting on the ground with the feeling of a huge weight holding me down.

I eventually found my way back to my campsite, where I slept for a week-getting up only for food and to use the toilet. Each rime I woke, I was consumed with the need to pray, to be totally absorbed in something to do with God. It was strange, because up until that moment I hadn't been interested in religion at all. I had some vague impression that there was a God somewhere in people because there was good in people, but it was a fairly shallow belief.

When I got back home with my family, I found I was still consumed by a powerful urge to till my mind with prayer. I went to church, joined a men's prayer group, and studied the Bible. I couldn't get enough of it.

My job on the mine took the direction of looking after people-through training, safety, and first aid. I also began volunteering for a local football team to help injured players. Most of the time I just bandaged people up and gave them massages. And then something really strange happened. People started getting better before they should, and I had no idea why. I knew it wasn't me! I began to see inside people, the problems in their bodies and what was happening in their minds to cause them. Word got around, and pretty soon people were showing up at my home nearly every night and on weekends, asking me to treat their injuries.

I reached a point where I decided I had to find out what was going on with me. I left the country for the city. But I didn't find the answer. It wasn't until I finally came to a point where I said, "God, you've given this to me, so now you'll have to teach me," that I separated myself from other styles of healing and let the energy itself teach me.

My belief is that there is an energy. I hesitate to call it God, but there's an energy that is all-encompassing. It seems to be all knowledge, it seems to be all-guiding, and it seems to be everywhere. I live my total life in it.

After devoting the past eighteen years to allowing the healing energy to have its full expression through me, I have come to realize that amazing is normal. The many instances of incurable and unfixable things being healed-be it people, animals, land, weather, or whatever-have convinced me beyond a doubt that an energy, an energy of love, is available for humans.



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