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Three Day Face-Lift Diet




By Margarita Nahapetyan

Those individuals who would love to avoid painful and time-consuming plastic surgery in order to get all the anti-aging benefits of a face lift, might be interested in what Dr. Nicholas Perricone can offer them. His Three Day Diet promises to give a healthier, younger looking skin that everyone will enjoy and stay happy with. In just three days the diet can minimize the unwanted wrinkles and fine lines. No surgery is involved and individuals can get all the anti-aging benefits of a face lift.

Dr. Perricone's Three Day Face-Lift Diet involves eating certain anti-aging foods for three days, just as the name suggests. A major factor in the Dr. Perricone 3 Day Face-Lift Diet face is that at least 2 meals a day have to be based on fish, in particular, on salmon. Depending on individual preferences, salmon can be consumed for breakfast, but for the majority of people, this eating plan revolves around eating salmon for both lunch and dinner. The doctor recommends Wild Alaskan salmon as it is more free from additives or toxins and is believed to be rich in essential fatty acids which give this diet its great anti-aging benefits.

Drinking plenty of water and/or green tea is one of the most important requirements of this anti-aging diet as well as eating lots of green veggies and berry fruits. As almonds also contain a high proportion of the fatty acids needed for a good health, they are as well a main feature of the Dr. Perricone's 3 Day Face-Lift Diet. All products containing sugar, carbs, processed foods and caffeine are strictly prohibited in this anti-aging diet. It is also recommended not to have any red meat. Individuals will find it quite easy to follow the diet as the doctor is offering sample menus, such as the one below, for example:

Breakfast could consist of oatmeal made from a half cup of rolled oats and water, with the addition of almonds and berries. Also for breakfast, after the oatmeal, the doctor recommends having an omelet made with spinach for flavor. Drinking green tea is the best for this breakfast. For lunch grilled salmon is good to have, which can be rubbed with tasty miso seasoning. As a side dish mixed green vegetables can be used along with an olive oil dressing. Dessert can be a large slice of cantaloupe. Again, thirst should be quenched with water or green tea.

For dinner the doctor suggests grilled salad but, not to get bored, this can be varied with a dressed green salad and steamed or roasted asparagus as an accompanying vegetable. Dessert can again be cantaloupe or mixed berries, according to individual preferences. Each day on the Perricone 3 Day Face-Lift Diet the doctor allows to have a snack of a small (2 ounce) piece of turkey or chicken, plain yogurt, or a handful of almond nuts.

There is nothing complicated in following this eating program, and, in addition, some people may also get other health benefits from it, such as losing weight, for example. The diet will help firm up the skin and give it an attractive and healthy lustre. However, there is even more from the doctor. These anti-aging benefits can be maximized by following on with the Dr. Perricone 28 Day Face-Lift Diet for a more intensive and longer lasting effect. Not every person feels that they are willing to do this anti-aging diet plan for the full 28 days. Many say that they are quite satisfied by the effect of the Three Day Face-Lift Diet. That is up to each person how long they want to follow this anti-aging diet program for. The fact is, that, in contrast to cosmetic surgery, Dr. Perricone's diet will not cost nearly as much and will not hurt anyone at all.



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