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It Takse Less Than 10 Seconds For Men To Fall In Love




By Margarita Nahapetyan

It takes a man less than 10 seconds to fall in love, according to the findings of a brand new research. The scientists claim that the time needed for a man to fall in love at first sight is precisely 8.2 seconds. They say the longer a man rests his gaze on a woman when they meet for the first time, the more attracted he gets to that woman. Besides, if the gaze lasts just 4 seconds, he may not be impressed with her to that extent.

The new experiment involved 115 male and female students, who were gathered in one single location in order to socialize with beautiful young actresses, actors and models. The scientists used hidden cameras to secretly track eye movements of all the participants, as they spoke with the attractive women and handsome men. Later the students were asked to rate the attractiveness of people with whom they were engaged in conversation.

The results revealed that every man who rated a lady as beautiful and attractive, held eye contact with her for about an average of 8.2 seconds, which significantly raised his chances of falling in love at first sight, the researchers said. However, if a man gazed on a woman he had made an eye contact with, for just about 4.5 seconds or less, it meant that he did not find her attractive or good-looking enough. For the women, on the contrary, there was found no time difference whether they were attracted to the men, or were not interested in them. In both cases there was the same amount of attention and eye contact held with a person they had been talking to, according to the study.

The scientists speculate that the difference between male and female could be based on evolutionary factors and can best be explained by the fact that the men always use eye contact when they look for fertile and suitable mates. Meanwhile, the majority of the women feel uncomfortable from making eye contact or attracting unwanted attention onto themselves due to the fear of unwanted pregnancies and single parenthood.

They wrote: "Facial physical attractiveness signals mate quality - genetic quality and fertility - which ultimately increases offspring viability. Due to the gender differences in parental investment and the physical risks, the potential consequences of engaging in intimate relationships are more profound for women."

In this study, the researchers said, they were able to show that the beauty and attractiveness in the opposite sex catches the man's attention longer than the woman's. The results fit nicely with the suggestion that men engage in an open and more active, mating strategies, compared to women who have more discreet and cautious strategies.

The findings appear in the journal Archives of Sexual Behavior, an academic peer-reviewed journal in sexology and the official publication of the International Academy of Sex Research.



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