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By Margarita Nahapetyan

Cheating on a partner is a terrible thing to do. Especially if the other part finds out about the infidelity, it can become a real catastrophe for any relationship. The betrayed part starts wondering what to do after, whether she/he should stay or go, or ask another part to leave. Feelings of anger, rage, hurt, sadness, disbelief and disappointment become predominating.

Bringing up suspicions of infidelity should never be done in a rush, as the other partner may be very sensitive about it. False and wrong accusations of infidelity can destroy the trust in any relationship. Below are, however, some signs which may help to have an idea if one should be suspicious.

It is very hard to understand the certain reasons as to why infidelity occurs. One of the possible reasons can be lack of attention from the other partner. It is commonly believed that only the one who cheats is to blame for, but people need to understand that, actually, both sides might be responsible equally. No matter how long we are in a relationship with our partner, it is a fact, that we always long and crave for an attention from the loved ones. Women can be tired of taking care of their kids, doing housework, different chores, and men are often tired after a hard and a long day at work. Therefore, sometimes couples forget that their second halves are being neglected in their emotional needs. When partners lack communication between them, which is the essence and the core to a healthy and strong relationship, the love and affection would eventually fade away. Commonly on marriage the lack of emotional needs lead to the tendency of having an extramarital affairs, be it the husband or the wife. It is very essential to remember to communicate as often as possible, and try to discuss together all the troublesome and disturbing issues.

One most common infidelity sign in a relationship is when a partner starts to get bored and irritated with everything at home. When this happens there is a good chance your partner would start looking for fun and excitements somewhere else, which could lead to an extramarital affair. The sooner this sign is being spotted, the sooner it might be possible to communicate thoroughly with your partner, and solve an infidelity problem at an early stage.

Another sign of a possible infidelity is an increase in the time spent by one of the partners away from home. They start participating in some activities that the other partner does not take part in. And though it is quite natural for a person to develop some of his or her own interests, a sudden changes, like hanging out with a new group of people and excluding you from this group, might look suspicious and could possibly be a problem. A decrease in the intimacy is another direct sign of a possible extramarital affair. When taken together, these can point toward problems in a relationship.

The best thing to do in a situation of infidelity in any kind of a relationship is to carefully consider all of your options before making any decisions. If you are the betrayed part, you will most likely be very angry, upset, disappointed, and will definitely be very hurt. No matter what happens, it is always good not to be driven by emotions only, and try to reason everything first, all the actions to follow must be taken with a deep thought. It is important to remember that the effects and consequences of infidelity can be devastating, and if not addressed, everlasting. If you truly believe that your partner is the one who caused a relationship problem, make sure to sit down with yourself and examine what you believe to be the root cause of the behavior that created the relationship problem. It is always important to be logical and calm.

Some people try to work their problems out. Others cannot tolerate the betrayal and decide to get divorced. Many relationships cannot survive infidelity and husbands and wives divorce or partners split up. It is a terrible act and a very selfish one at one point. If we have a look at the divorce statistics - one in three marriages end up in a divorce, which also include the ones happened due to infidelity.

It's not usually the case that a person in a happy and strong relationship out of nowhere just takes part in an extramarital affair. Rather, that person is usually unfaithful because he/she is not happy with the relationship, and therefore tries to distract himself/herself with the infidelity to experience some fresh, new emotions. That does not necessarily mean that the other part is somehow responsible for the cheating. But it does mean that both of the partners need to acknowledge that there may have been problems in the relationship even long before the betrayal took place. And it means that it is necessary, if people are really ready and able to survive the infidelity, that they both need to honestly assess the state of the relationship prior to the affair in order to determine what led to the unfaithful act.



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