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For Rich Roll, being unique “Rich” meant feeling out of place. This led him down a road of drug and alcohol abuse and the rat-race of entertainment law. In his early thirties, it all became too much and Rich decided he needed to change. He quit his job, stopped using, and even committed himself to a year of celibacy. He began to rediscover what it meant to be uniquely him.  

Jay Shetty

Jay Shetty in Personal Growth

6 Struggles Only Genuine Empaths Will Understand

Do you often feel what others do? Or understand what people are going through? If so, you might be an empath. Empaths can feel other people’s emotions as if they were their own. Empaths tend to be highly perceptive and sensitive, which makes them some of the most understanding and compassionate people out there. However, there are many drawbacks to being an empath. Curious to learn what these difficulties are? This video might interest you!  


Psych2Go in Mental Health

10 Simple Steps To Always Be Yourself

Just be yourself, as you were undoubtedly taught in elementary school. Once you find out who you are and learn how to be yourself, you will be a lot happier person. If you're like most people, you've undoubtedly persuaded yourself that things would be better if you made certain lifestyle or personality adjustments. You have the power to create such good changes. Take charge of your life and have a more positive attitude about yourself.  


PsychFacts in Personal Growth

How to Stop Ruminating

The term ruminate means to think a thought over and over in your mind. Rumination is about getting stuck in your thoughts and then having a hard time stopping them, and then often getting upset or anxious because you don't know how to stop ruminating. In this talk I'm going to teach you some skills to help when it seems like your thoughts won't stop.  

9 Tiny Habits To Help You Get A Girlfriend & Improve Life!

9 Tiny Habits To Help You Get A Girlfriend & Improve Life! In this dating advice video, I will be sharing with you the habits that help you get a girlfriend. I want to give you tips for talking to women that will help you know what to say to women and improve life enabling you to enjoy your dating experiences and have healthy relationships. Take heed to the dating tips for men that I share in this video and be sure to watch the video to the end.  

Your Wingmam

Your Wingmam in Dating

Biggest F-Girl red flag and turn off for guys who are serious about finding love

Biggest reg flag and turn off for guys who are serious about finding love. Women are always wondering how to get more attention from the right guys. Sometimes they take their efforts a little too far. Sometimes they court the wrong attention from the wrong guys while repelling the right guys. Sometimes women are turning men off and don’t even know it. Many women give off red flags trying to find a man. Don’t repel good men with thus behavior if your looking for real love. Men are judging your ev

Kev Hick

Kev Hick in Dating

How to tell if a Man REALLY Cares About You (or not!)

Learn a SUPER easy way to tell if a guy is trying to build a real relationship with you... or if he's just attracted to you and wanting something casual. Does he really love me? How do I know if he wants a relationship? Is he just looking to hook up? I get asked questions like these ALL THE TIME by clients, students and women in my life... so I created a video explaining the KEY QUESTION to ask to determine what a man truly wants, and 5 ways to spot his true motives in his actions.

Mat Shaffer

Mat Shaffer in Dating

Will a good man do this for his woman if he loves her?

Will a good man do this for his woman if he loves her? What to expect from a “GOOD MAN” Some emotional think good men are hard to find. Many women think god men longer exist. As a dating coach I’ve found that the expectations we have and the standards we establish play a big big part in if we will ever find love or marriage. Women often take crap from men because their standards are low. Low standards lead to a lot of romance and sexual engagement but very few quality relationships. The equal an

Kev Hick

Kev Hick in Dating

Doing THIS Ruins Intimacy With Your Ex

In this video Clay Andrews discusses the primary cause of a lack of intimacy between you and your ex. There is a lot of advice out there that will tell you that you need to put on an act or play hard to get with your ex in order to get them to like you. However, how are they supposed to actually connect with you and feel an intimate connection if you’re not being honest and transparent yourself? More so, why would they be open and honest with you if you’re putting on an act and pretending to be


kamurj in Breaking up

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