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3 Ways To Work With Toxic Shame - Part 1

In this video we cover: triggers, childhood trauma, inner child, inner child work, c-ptsd, ptsd, toxic parents, narcissistic abuse, assertion, mind reading, moods, healing, abusive parents, emotional abuse, childhood ptsd, repressed memories, hypervigilance, narcissistic parents, emotionally abusive parents, child abuse, narcissistic father, childhood emotional neglect, abuse, narcissistic mother, single parent, divorce, chaotic family, codependency, healthy parenting, co-parenting, friendship,

13 Signs Of A Dark Empath - The Most DANGEROUS Personality Type

Learn all about the signs of a dark empath, the most dangerous personality type! Have you heard of the dark triad personality and if not today is your lucky day. Because we are going to dive in deep about all of those buzzwords that you will hear around a psychology office. The dark triad personality consists of three distinct personality traits, narcissism, mercavianism and psychopathy. Which all define under the definition of manipulating, exploiting and using others and refusing to understand

6 Signs You Have A Love Addiction AKA Limerence

Do you think you might have a love addiction? What is limerence? Defined by psychologist Dorothy Tennov, Limerence is a mental state of intense romantic infatuation where one feels a strong romantic desire for another person - the limerent object. Limerence is characterized by the intrusive thoughts one can experience about their crush and the strong emotional arousal that can grow into an obsessive craving for another person. Limerence can often last months, years, or even a lifetime if not tre

Social Anxiety after Lockdown

Johnny Berba explains how to deal with social anxiety after the covid-19 lockdown. Everyone is feeling anxious about interacting with people again because of having such a long time in isolation. It's normal to feel socially awkward if you haven't been socializing regularly. The only way to conquer social anxiety is by socializing regularly so you can build that momentum.  

7 Reasons We Hurt the Ones We Love

Have you ever shouted at your parents, and then immediately regret it? Or perhaps you lied to your partner’s face or ignored their calls? Dr. Deborah South Richardson, a psychology professor at Georgia Regents University has stated, “The people who are likely to cause us harm of any sort are likely going to be people we know.” Hurting the ones that are closer to us is something that happens naturally for many different reasons. See if you can relate to any of these reasons!  

Why Are Some People Passive Aggressive?

Have you ever met someone who was so passive-aggressive, that you couldn’t call them out? They seemingly said nothing wrong, but the tone they used implied something else… Passive-aggressive people just have a sneaky way of using aggression, so they aren’t flat-out caught with ill intentions. Passive-aggressive behavior is characterized by indirect resistance to the demands of others, and avoidance of direct confrontation - often by pouting, procrastination, or misplacing important materials. So

THIS may be WHY you can never focus

At the age of 47, I was diagnosed with ADD and it was life-changing. For 47 years I struggled with the inability to focus, a daydreaming habit that cost me many jobs, and became so critical of myself that I was paralyzed by making the smallest decisions every day. In 2016, an article published about the “Lost Generation of Women” revealed that women in their 40s and 50s had been misdiagnosed for decades with chronic anxiety, when, after receiving testing from medical professionals, it turne

6 Signs You Are Hurting Subconsciously

Do you value having a positive and optimistic perspective of life, no matter how bad things are? Being overly positive and optimistic can be as bad, or even worse, than having a negative approach to something. After all, lying to yourself is very rarely the best way to approach things and it can be detrimental to your mental health. So, if you're not happy or hurting about something, it is important that you acknowledge it instead of repressing and ignoring it.  

6 Things INFJ Says & What They Really Mean

Have you ever taken the MBTI personality test? Are you an INFJ? Or is someone you know an INFJ? The INFJ is the rarest MBTI personality type out there, making up less than 1% of the population. Being the rarest type, they're often perceived as mysterious and private to those they aren’t well acquainted with. INFJs have tendencies to watch their language to avoid hurting someone.  

What is Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria?

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria (RSD): what is it and how can we deal with it? No one enjoys being rejected; it’s upsetting, and can be emotionally painful. But most of us are able to recover from rejection fairly quickly, without having it affect our other relationships or our mental health. We can lean on friends and family, and our stock pile of resilience to get us through.  
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