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Podiatrists Debunk 11 Feet Myths | Debunked

Podiatrists Sarah Haller and Brad Schaeffer debunk 11 myths about feet. They talk about where warts really come from and how to prevent ingrown toenails. They also explain how a bunion is not caused by wearing heels. In fact, it's a deformity in the bone that can only be fixed through surgery. Toe spacers like 'Yogatoes' are only temporary fixes.  


kamurj in Health

8 Signs You’re Dealing With a Psychopath

What comes to mind when you hear “psychopath?” The term is often used to describe anyone from serial killers to problematic exes. In reality, psychopaths make up only 1% of the general population, about the same percentage as redheads. Psychopathy is not an official diagnosis but refers to a combination of behavioral traits including antisocial behavior, “callousness,” and low levels of empathy and interpersonal emotions. People whose behavior mostly falls under antisocial tendencies are instead

What is MSG, and is it actually bad for you?

Dig into the seasoning known as MSG, and find out how this flavoring was developed and if it’s actually bad for your health. -- In 1968, Dr. Robert Ho Man Kwok felt ill after dinner at a Chinese restaurant and wrote a letter to a medical journal connecting his symptoms to MSG. His letter would change the world’s relationship with MSG, inspiring international panic, biased science, and sensationalist journalism for the next 40 years. So what is this seasoning, and is it actually bad for you? Sara


TED-Ed in Health

Why Your Ex Goes Silent When Things Are Going Well

If you've ever wondered why your ex goes silent after a positive interaction, you may not know about the strange phenomenon known as a "positive pullback." If you are unaware of this, you may find it very confusing and even frustrating. After all, why would they have such a great connection with you, only to pull back and close off emotionally? If you understand why your ex is behaving this way, it can clear up a lot of confusion... And it really has to do with how your ex is thinking about you.

How some women sabotage their own love life and attract users | Time wasting dating mistake

How some women sabotage their own love life and attract users. They chase men who are good kissers, instead of spending time getting to know good men. This dating mistake leads to so much heartache. Many women don’t realize they are making this mistake and hurting themselves in the process. They miss all the red flags because they are focused on the wrong things when dating a new guy. Women are are hypnotized by men they chase for the wrong reasons. Once dykmotized they find themselves in long t

Kev Hick

Kev Hick in Dating

The no contact method | Dating mistakes women make

A lot of women ask me about the no contact method, or going no contact on a guy in order to get him to change the way he treats them. This is often a mistake. Even in the cases where going no contact is appropriate, women often make the mistake of doing it wrong. The No contact rule. Does it really work and do guys give a crap?  

Kev Hick

Kev Hick in Breaking up

6 Signs You're Actually an Introvert, Not Shy

Have you often been told that you’re shy? But deep inside you, you know you’re not. Maybe you’re a bit quiet at times, and you just don’t care for small talk. Or maybe you find it hard to connect with some people, but that doesn’t mean you’re afraid of socializing. Well, instead of being shy, you may just be an introvert all along. Here are six signs you’re actually an introvert, and not shy.  


Psych2Go in Mental Health

7 Signs People SECRETLY Find You Attractive

Do people secretly find you attractive? Are you one of the best looking people in the room? To attractive people, their good looks aren’t always obvious. Other people may think you're attractive and you may not realize it. So how can you really tell?  


TopThink in Dating

5 Signs Of A Nervous Breakdown

Have you ever just felt overwhelmed by a stressful situation? Like a tsunami of problems about to crash over you? You might be experiencing a nervous breakdown. A nervous breakdown is a loss of the ability to function in everyday life. While a nervous breakdown isn’t classified as an actual psychological term, nor is it a mental health disorder, experiencing it can be debilitating.  


Psych2Go in Mental Health

​​Can Your Relationship Be Saved Even After A Breakup?

First thing's first, if you're looking to learn how to save a relationship after a breakup or a big fight that is getting close to a breakup, then it's important to know that you probably CAN do this. I know that there are a lot of people who doubt if it is even possible to save a relationship, but I can tell you that you absolutely CAN do this. I've helped countless people do this over the years and this is something you can do too. However, it's going to take a few important steps to make this

6 Signs You’re Burnt Out, Not Lazy

There’s actually a lot of overlap between laziness and burnout that can make it difficult to differentiate between the two. Burnout is defined as “a negative state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive stress and an inability to cope with it.” To educate ourselves and better understand the nature of burnout, especially when we ourselves are at risk, here are a few tell-tale signs that what you’re experiencing right now isn’t actually laziness, but burnout.

Why some women will never find healthy love | Why many women are still single

Some women will never find healthy love because of their victim mentality. Many women are still single because of this. They are too busy seeking to be understood than to understand their issues in relationships and love. Too many people, men and women alike are avoiding taking responsibility over their lives and situations. They let people treat them any kind of way. They take mess of of people and wonder why their unhappy and fail in their relationships. If they do have relationships, those re


kamurj in Dating

12 Ways People Judge You When They First Meet You

Do you make a good first impression? Like it or not, people judge you when they first meet you. It’s human nature. We all do it, and there’s a psychological reason why. Our brains are wired for self-protection. We pay attention to appearance, body language, voice, speaking style, and other details to determine whether someone seems trustworthy or not.  

5 Success Triggers That Bring Your Ex Back

What does it take to get your ex back? When it comes to saving your relationship or getting your ex back, the main thing that you want to do is to look at the success triggers that you have within your control to set you up to succeed. In learning how to bring your ex back into your life, you must start with your way of being. That is to say, how are you acting and behaving, and what sort of energy you are bringing to the connection. If you are not clear on this and if your w
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