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Surviving & Maintaining The No Contact Rule

Surviving and maintaining the no contact rule to take your power back so you can attract better and reach your full potential. In this video coaching newsletter I discuss an email success story from a viewer who went through a bad breakup about a year ago. He says that his ex broke his heart into pieces and my work helped him get through a very dark time. He says she is stalking his social media and calls from different numbers, but he has not given into weakness or the urges to let her back int


kamurj in Breaking up

Why some women will never find healthy love | Why many women are still single

Some women will never find healthy love because of their victim mentality. Many women are still single because of this. They are too busy seeking to be understood than to understand their issues in relationships and love. Too many people, men and women alike are avoiding taking responsibility over their lives and situations. They let people treat them any kind of way. They take mess of of people and wonder why their unhappy and fail in their relationships. If they do have relationships, those re


kamurj in Dating


Cheating is not easy especially when you are in an unhealthy relationship! This video is also tailored around getting you to think outside of just cheating. What happens a lot when we people cheat is because they are trying to escape their own reality. But, if you are someone who recently got cheated on making sure you do the best thing for yourself and take your time through the process of healing. Don't just jump back into the relationship without looking at what will make you happy and not be


kamurj in Infidelity

6 Signs You’re Burnt Out, Not Lazy

There’s actually a lot of overlap between laziness and burnout that can make it difficult to differentiate between the two. Burnout is defined as “a negative state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive stress and an inability to cope with it.” To educate ourselves and better understand the nature of burnout, especially when we ourselves are at risk, here are a few tell-tale signs that what you’re experiencing right now isn’t actually laziness, but burnout.

Does Spending Too Much Time On Social Media Cause MENTAL HEALTH PROBLEMS?

Most people spend more time on social media than they do with people in person. This is one of the major problems today that is causing more mental health problems, with things like anxiety, social anxiety, and depression. It seems that many people don't value real human connection anymore. Unfortunately, you cannot get a genuine connection on a machine like you can with somebody in real life. If you don't socialize enough and you spend all your time on social media then you are going to experie

5 Tips On How To Approach Women Without Being CREEPY!

When a woman calls you a creep or says you're acting creepy it has (almost) nothing to do with what you're doing or who you are as a person. It just means she isn't attracted to you. But there are a few things you can do (or stop doing) to never be called a creep or creepy again.  


kamurj in Dating

6 Signs You Are Subconsciously Depressed

Do you ever wonder if you’re actually depressed without consciously knowing it? Many people go through life and feel a lingering sadness that never seems to improve. While you can still function as a healthy person would, you may fail to recognize how depression may manifest in other, more insidious, and hidden ways.  

Is Divorce the Right Choice?

We believe that marriages can be strong, healthy mature and loving. But it takes two to make it that way. One person can kill that off. And we also recognize that not all marriages are going to stay together, and some need to end as well. The choice to divorce in our opinion is not one the therapist makes, but must be the choice of the individuals in the marriage. Dr. Rick helps unpack things to consider before you choose divorce.  
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