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Will a good man do this for his woman if he loves her?

Will a good man do this for his woman if he loves her? What to expect from a “GOOD MAN” Some emotional think good men are hard to find. Many women think god men longer exist. As a dating coach I’ve found that the expectations we have and the standards we establish play a big big part in if we will ever find love or marriage. Women often take crap from men because their standards are low. Low standards lead to a lot of romance and sexual engagement but very few quality relationships. The equal an

Kev Hick

Kev Hick in Dating

Why Your Ex Goes Silent When Things Are Going Well

If you've ever wondered why your ex goes silent after a positive interaction, you may not know about the strange phenomenon known as a "positive pullback." If you are unaware of this, you may find it very confusing and even frustrating. After all, why would they have such a great connection with you, only to pull back and close off emotionally? If you understand why your ex is behaving this way, it can clear up a lot of confusion... And it really has to do with how your ex is thinking about you.

Why Your Ex Can’t Make Up His Or Her Mind

Clay Andrews talks about Why Your Ex Can’t Make Up His Mind. After a breakup, it's really confusing when it comes to getting back together, talking to you or even just being in contact with you. It can also be extremely frustrating how your interactions have been good but your ex is insisting that ex can't be friends and withdraws inexplicably. Had a great time spending time together but still your ex can't make up her mind? By the end of this video, Clay shares some IMPORTANT TIPS on how you ca

Why some women will never find healthy love | Why many women are still single

Some women will never find healthy love because of their victim mentality. Many women are still single because of this. They are too busy seeking to be understood than to understand their issues in relationships and love. Too many people, men and women alike are avoiding taking responsibility over their lives and situations. They let people treat them any kind of way. They take mess of of people and wonder why their unhappy and fail in their relationships. If they do have relationships, those re


kamurj in Dating

Why Men Can’t Open Up Emotionally... Until You Do This!

Ever wonder why men don’t want to be vulnerable with you? What can make him open up his emotions to you? How can you encourage men to show their emotions to you? These are the questions we will address in this video. We will discuss the scientific reasons why men seem cold or unwilling to show vulnerability not only to you, but to their peers as well. From this video, you will also learn what you can do to encourage your man to open up to you and trust you with his emotions. This is a powerful i

Why Kim Feels Like a Failure (and Why It Matters to US)

Why Kim Feels Like a Failure (and Why It Matters to US)//The Kim and Kanye divorce is something that many think is their business but there is a reason why the divorce rate is so high and there is a reason why our society continues to feel the way it does about relationships, narcissists, and more. Why do we feel we need to stay in relationships that don't serve us? Kim's feeling of failure is so much deeper that just HER feeling of failure. I am diving deep into all of that in this video. Watch


kamurj in Breaking up

Why Are Some People Passive Aggressive?

Have you ever met someone who was so passive-aggressive, that you couldn’t call them out? They seemingly said nothing wrong, but the tone they used implied something else… Passive-aggressive people just have a sneaky way of using aggression, so they aren’t flat-out caught with ill intentions. Passive-aggressive behavior is characterized by indirect resistance to the demands of others, and avoidance of direct confrontation - often by pouting, procrastination, or misplacing important materials. So
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