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Why Your Ex Goes Silent When Things Are Going Well

If you've ever wondered why your ex goes silent after a positive interaction, you may not know about the strange phenomenon known as a "positive pullback." If you are unaware of this, you may find it very confusing and even frustrating. After all, why would they have such a great connection with you, only to pull back and close off emotionally? If you understand why your ex is behaving this way, it can clear up a lot of confusion... And it really has to do with how your ex is thinking about you.

Why Your Ex Can’t Make Up His Or Her Mind

Clay Andrews talks about Why Your Ex Can’t Make Up His Mind. After a breakup, it's really confusing when it comes to getting back together, talking to you or even just being in contact with you. It can also be extremely frustrating how your interactions have been good but your ex is insisting that ex can't be friends and withdraws inexplicably. Had a great time spending time together but still your ex can't make up her mind? By the end of this video, Clay shares some IMPORTANT TIPS on how you ca

Why Kim Feels Like a Failure (and Why It Matters to US)

Why Kim Feels Like a Failure (and Why It Matters to US)//The Kim and Kanye divorce is something that many think is their business but there is a reason why the divorce rate is so high and there is a reason why our society continues to feel the way it does about relationships, narcissists, and more. Why do we feel we need to stay in relationships that don't serve us? Kim's feeling of failure is so much deeper that just HER feeling of failure. I am diving deep into all of that in this video. Watch


kamurj in Breaking up

What To Do After Meeting Up With Your Ex

Have you tried doing the no contact rule that everyone's buzzing about? Have you been in contact with your ex since then? How was your interaction then? In this episode, relationship expert, Clay Andrews, talks about the best possible approach to your ex after meeting up with them.  


kamurj in Breaking up

Viewer Questions: Will I ever be free?

I went through something very very similar to what you had to experience. Just somehow worse. Yes, it can be worse. It's been almost 2 years and I am in a much better place. I thought I am... However recently I have had a significant pull back. My symptoms are idealization of the person who used to be my husband for almost 20 years, flashbacks of happy moments, happy dreams, thoughts that I will never meet anyone as good as he was and a huge sense of guilt. Sometimes unbearably huge. For that I


kamurj in Breaking up

The Shocking Reason Behind Most Breakups

In this video, we share the in depth psychological reason as to why relationships dissolve and what occurs developmentally in a person before a relationship can flourish. Understanding how one's development and identity can affect relationships is key to being able to understand the dynamics in your personal relationships.  


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The no contact method | Dating mistakes women make

A lot of women ask me about the no contact method, or going no contact on a guy in order to get him to change the way he treats them. This is often a mistake. Even in the cases where going no contact is appropriate, women often make the mistake of doing it wrong. The No contact rule. Does it really work and do guys give a crap?  

Kev Hick

Kev Hick in Breaking up


The 3 WAYS To Get Over A BREAKUP TODAY!... In this dating advice video, I will give you the three ways to get over a breakup today and attract the partner of your desires. You may want to get over a breakup when you are either on the first dates, online dating or somewhere in the dating process.  

Surviving & Maintaining The No Contact Rule

Surviving and maintaining the no contact rule to take your power back so you can attract better and reach your full potential. In this video coaching newsletter I discuss an email success story from a viewer who went through a bad breakup about a year ago. He says that his ex broke his heart into pieces and my work helped him get through a very dark time. He says she is stalking his social media and calls from different numbers, but he has not given into weakness or the urges to let her back int


kamurj in Breaking up

Is Divorce the Right Choice?

We believe that marriages can be strong, healthy mature and loving. But it takes two to make it that way. One person can kill that off. And we also recognize that not all marriages are going to stay together, and some need to end as well. The choice to divorce in our opinion is not one the therapist makes, but must be the choice of the individuals in the marriage. Dr. Rick helps unpack things to consider before you choose divorce.  
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