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What is MSG, and is it actually bad for you?

Dig into the seasoning known as MSG, and find out how this flavoring was developed and if it’s actually bad for your health. -- In 1968, Dr. Robert Ho Man Kwok felt ill after dinner at a Chinese restaurant and wrote a letter to a medical journal connecting his symptoms to MSG. His letter would change the world’s relationship with MSG, inspiring international panic, biased science, and sensationalist journalism for the next 40 years. So what is this seasoning, and is it actually bad for you? Sara


TED-Ed in Health

Podiatrists Debunk 11 Feet Myths | Debunked

Podiatrists Sarah Haller and Brad Schaeffer debunk 11 myths about feet. They talk about where warts really come from and how to prevent ingrown toenails. They also explain how a bunion is not caused by wearing heels. In fact, it's a deformity in the bone that can only be fixed through surgery. Toe spacers like 'Yogatoes' are only temporary fixes.  


kamurj in Health

ENT Doctors Debunk 11 Ear And Nose Myths

Otolaryngologists Erich Voigt and Jacqueline Jones debunk 11 myths about the ear and nose. They talk about how to properly stop a nosebleed, clean your ears, and protect yourself from hearing loss. They also explain that earwax is good for your ears — it has antimicrobial properties that protect the insides of your ears. In fact, over-cleaning can cause swimmer's ear.  


kamurj in Health

Are You REALLY Addicted to Sugar?

ARE YOU REALLY ADDICTED TO SUGAR? If you are someone who struggles with binge eating, at some point you are likely to be asking yourself if there are certain foods that you are 'addicted to'. Food addiction is a hotly debated topic and I'm here to thrown in my two pence as usual. I can only speak from my own experience (personal and professional). I see many people's binge eating get worse when they try to give up sugar and yet they also describe a sense of freedom from sugar cravings during per


kamurj in Health

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