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5 TIPS to building an UNBREAKABLE Relationship

Relationships are never easy, and marriage is harder than most would imagine. With the average length of marriage in the U.S, being just over 8 years, I am happily celebrating 19 years of marriage this year and sharing some of the lessons learned along the way. I am answering your questions about everything from how to know if he’s the “one” to de-escalating those heated arguments that leave you angered and red in the face. Relationships are beautiful when you recognize the amount of work it tak

7 Signs of an Incompatible Relationship

Love. Partnership. "Soul Mate" – So many of us spend a good chunk of our lives looking for "The One." But what happens when we actually find someone? How do we know if they’re the person who is right to spend the rest of our lives with? Or even if starting a relationship with them is the right choice? While compatibility is no guarantee of longevity, studies show that it is directly related to the quality and satisfaction of our relationships. Simply put, the more compatible you and your partner

Choosing to Trust

‘Trust’ is a philosophical choice. We can be cynical, guarded, and awaiting attack. Or open, positive, and hopeful— BUT prepared for all outcomes. Love Advice discusses the pros and cons of both positions.  

When a Man Ignores You - One Text Makes Him Regret It Immediately!

In this video, I'm going to explain what to do when a man ignores you. I will also explain the reasons why men ignore the women they date and you will learn 2 powerful text messages that will turn things around and make him regret it and change his behavior. Are you Being ignored by someone you care about? IF so, you know it’s one of the most frustrating and difficult situations to deal with especially when you don’t know the reason. That’s why In this video, I’m going to share the reasons why t

5 Sneaky Verbal Abuse Examples

Verbal abuse can be hard to spot because it's not always in the form of direct put-downs, insults or name-calling. So in this video I share 5 sneaky verbal abuse examples can help you uncover covert abuse tactics so you can figure out: Is this abuse? Or not? Find out some of the lesser known abusive behaviors so you can protect your mental health and wellbeing.  

5 Reasons Why Men Pull Away After Getting Close

When it comes to the topic of why men pull away, ghosting and dating advice for women, it's important to understand that men pull away even in good relationships. In fact, most relationship advice for women doesn't really make it clear that the reason why guys pull away might not be a problem at all, it might even be a good sign for the health of your relationship.  

10 Indicators That A Person Cannot Be Trusted

Trust is one of the most essential ingredients for any thriving, gratifying relationship. Some people, however, do not prioritize trustworthiness because of other self serving priorities. Dr. Les Carter identifies 10 distinct indicators to help you determine if a person can or cannot be trusted. By becoming aware and tuned into their schemes, you can avert future disappointments.  
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