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Imago Therapy: How to Communicate Better in Relationships

Imago Therapy - ever heard of it? Learn all about the Imago dialogue and how to communicate better in relationships in this video. I share briefly what Imago Therapy is, and walk you through the three steps of the powerful communication structure of the Imago Dialogue. If you follow the steps exactly as I lay out here, you will be able to communicate successfully, feel heard, and be closer afterwards (not end up fighting). Apply this to your relationships now 🙂  

Monika Hoyt

Monika Hoyt in Marriage

10 Things Every Wife Needs To Do For Her Husband

There are 10 things every wife needs to do for her husband to make their marriage a hive of happiness and in many cases avoid conflict and stress. Paul Friedman, founder of The Marriage Foundation explains what these are and begins with 5 things to not do and then follows with 5 things to do. Feel free to like the video and leave a comment about how you like it.  


kamurj in Marriage

How To Save Your Marriage or Long Term Relationship

In this video coaching newsletter I discuss an email success story from a viewer who has been following my work for about a year, but never put what he was learning into practice until recently. He has been in a mostly loveless and sexless marriage for the past seven years. Once he actually started to apply what he was learning in my book, 3% Man, his wife started responding immediately. She is more feminine, playful and flirty. They are also having sex three times per week. The best part is bec


kamurj in Marriage

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