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Scapegoat children and narcissistic parents

Scapegoat children are targets for narcissistic parents because they challenge the family system. Scapegoated children tell the truth, they know something is wrong and they are also highly attuned with what is just and unjust. They are punished for not making narcissistic parents look good.  

Lisa A. Romano

Lisa A. Romano in Parenting

The Impact of Narcissistic Parents

This week, I'm breaking down the signs and symptoms of growing up with a narcissistic parent and helping you get a better understanding of how this might be impacting your life right now. Let’s heal this so you can move on and have more internal peace and harmony in your life.  


kamurj in Parenting

10 Signs Your Parent is a Narcissist

To people from the outside looking in, your parents may seem like the perfect parents. They seem affectionate, kind, considerate, and caring, but behind closed doors, the pretense drops. Sound familiar? Here are a few signs that you might have been raised by narcissist parents.  


kamurj in Parenting

Conversations to Have with Your Child Before the Internet Does

With social media becoming one of our main forms of communication and replacing our in-person interactions, children have been outsourcing their self-esteem through their online peers. In this TEDx Talk, Shamare Holmes speaks about how to facilitate the hard and sometimes uncomfortable conversations that should be had with middle-school-aged youth prior to social media exposure to prevent complications associated with self-image, misinformation, information-sharing, and the long-term impact of i


kamurj in Parenting

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