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3 ways to do a relationship health check | How to maintain your relationship.

3 ways to do a relationship health check. Communication is very important in a relationship. Sometimes we must relearn how to communicate with our partners. When your relationship is suffering it becomes obvious that these relationship tips are important but sometimes it’s too late. Always try your best to monitor your communication techniques and cooperation with each other before the relationship begins to fail. Maintain your connection by doing these three simple things often enough in your r


kamurj in Relationships

5 TIPS to building an UNBREAKABLE Relationship

Relationships are never easy, and marriage is harder than most would imagine. With the average length of marriage in the U.S, being just over 8 years, I am happily celebrating 19 years of marriage this year and sharing some of the lessons learned along the way. I am answering your questions about everything from how to know if he’s the “one” to de-escalating those heated arguments that leave you angered and red in the face. Relationships are beautiful when you recognize the amount of work it tak


kamurj in Relationships

How Avoidant People Create Relationship Collapse

While it is ideal that relationships would result in mutual regard and meaningful connections, avoidant people are committed to patterns that cause relationships to collapse. (BTW, this is not the same as keeping your distance as a matter of legitimate self-preservation.). Dr. Les Carter describes how avoidant people operate and how you can save yourself from undue heartache as you come to terms with their manipulations.  


kamurj in Relationships

5 Reasons Why Men Pull Away After Getting Close

When it comes to the topic of why men pull away, ghosting and dating advice for women, it's important to understand that men pull away even in good relationships. In fact, most relationship advice for women doesn't really make it clear that the reason why guys pull away might not be a problem at all, it might even be a good sign for the health of your relationship.  


kamurj in Relationships

5 Sneaky Verbal Abuse Examples

Verbal abuse can be hard to spot because it's not always in the form of direct put-downs, insults or name-calling. So in this video I share 5 sneaky verbal abuse examples can help you uncover covert abuse tactics so you can figure out: Is this abuse? Or not? Find out some of the lesser known abusive behaviors so you can protect your mental health and wellbeing.  

Relationship Repair

Relationship Repair: What is a John Gottman Soft Start Up? Does Relationship Repair work? How do couples avoid arguments? How do couples avoid explosions? How do couples get things back on track? How do couples avoid fights? Why do we end up in fights? Great questions!  

10 Indicators That A Person Cannot Be Trusted

Trust is one of the most essential ingredients for any thriving, gratifying relationship. Some people, however, do not prioritize trustworthiness because of other self serving priorities. Dr. Les Carter identifies 10 distinct indicators to help you determine if a person can or cannot be trusted. By becoming aware and tuned into their schemes, you can avert future disappointments.  

3 Types of People in Dysfunctional Relationships - Which One Are You?

Toxic relationships can cause distress and strain on the relationship. Many dysfunctional relationships begin during childhood – where we lacked a model of a healthy functional relationship. The patterns that we learned may find a way into a new relationship. In order to avoid, move past, or fix a dysfunctional relationship, we first need to acknowledge our role in the relationship and our own toxic behaviors. In this video, we're going to talk about the three major archetypes within a dysfuncti
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