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Building Resources in Trauma Treatment

When doing trauma work in therapy (especially EMDR) it's important to stay present to give our brain another chance to process what we went through. In fact, in EMDR we know that it doesn't work if we are dissociated or overwhelmed, so we are going to have to have coping skills (otherwise known as resources) to help keep us present. In today's video, Dr. Alexa Altman walks us through what types of resources we need when preparing to do EMDR, and how she helps her patients get ready to reprocess


kamurj in Mental Health

Emotional Cut Off's and False Individuality

Why are emotional cut offs within a family so problematic? How do they affect our functioning with our family and other relationships? Jerry Wise and Yitz Goldberg explore these dynamics with personal stories and Bowen/Friedman/Titelman theory. Jerry Wise, life and relationship coach, and Yitz Goldberg, social worker and relationship coach, discuss the importance of understanding emotional cut offs and false individuality.  


kamurj in Mental Health

6 Signs You Are Subconsciously Depressed

Do you ever wonder if you’re actually depressed without consciously knowing it? Many people go through life and feel a lingering sadness that never seems to improve. While you can still function as a healthy person would, you may fail to recognize how depression may manifest in other, more insidious, and hidden ways.  

6 Signs You’re Burnt Out, Not Lazy

There’s actually a lot of overlap between laziness and burnout that can make it difficult to differentiate between the two. Burnout is defined as “a negative state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive stress and an inability to cope with it.” To educate ourselves and better understand the nature of burnout, especially when we ourselves are at risk, here are a few tell-tale signs that what you’re experiencing right now isn’t actually laziness, but burnout.

5 Signs Most People With Depression Have

What do you think depression is like? Depression is different from grief or sadness. Grief and sadness come in waves, and generally, you, your self-image, and your worth remain intact. However, depression erodes your self-worth until it is crumbling beneath your feet. To bring more awareness about depression, here a few common signs most people with depression have.  

5 Things a Psychopath Might Say

When you hear the word ‘Psychopath’, what comes to mind? Psychologists have a detailed behavioral inventory you can use to evaluate people for non-criminal psychopathy. It includes things like grandiose dreams, an utter lack of remorse, and shallow emotions. Author Jackson MacKenzie, who has written a book about dealing with psychopaths, points out specific behaviors that can classify someone as a psychopath which will be explored in this video. Some of these phrases in this video may sound norm

What Are Mixed Episodes In Bipolar Disorder?

While we all have heard people talk about the highs of mania or hypomania, and the lows of bipolar depression, a mixed episode happens when both of these symptoms occur at the same time. Meaning that we feel impulsive, having flights of ideas, not wanting to sleep, but are also irritable, physically exhausted, and hopeless about our future. It’s diagnosed as having met the criteria for a manic or hypomanic episode while also having at least 3 depressive symptoms.  

How Narcissists Are Bound By Their Own Need For Dominance

A major feature of narcissism is the need to be in control. Or as Dr. Les Carter explains, narcissists don't just want to be in charge, they insist that you should be subordinate to them. But because their tactics are so off-putting, they miss out on the aspects of life that truly matter. They eventually are tied down by their own egotism. Rather that succumbing to their dominance, you can see it for the misguided way of life that it represents, choosing freedom over their efforts to confine you

3 Ways To Work With Toxic Shame - Part 1

In this video we cover: triggers, childhood trauma, inner child, inner child work, c-ptsd, ptsd, toxic parents, narcissistic abuse, assertion, mind reading, moods, healing, abusive parents, emotional abuse, childhood ptsd, repressed memories, hypervigilance, narcissistic parents, emotionally abusive parents, child abuse, narcissistic father, childhood emotional neglect, abuse, narcissistic mother, single parent, divorce, chaotic family, codependency, healthy parenting, co-parenting, friendship,

13 Signs Of A Dark Empath - The Most DANGEROUS Personality Type

Learn all about the signs of a dark empath, the most dangerous personality type! Have you heard of the dark triad personality and if not today is your lucky day. Because we are going to dive in deep about all of those buzzwords that you will hear around a psychology office. The dark triad personality consists of three distinct personality traits, narcissism, mercavianism and psychopathy. Which all define under the definition of manipulating, exploiting and using others and refusing to understand

6 Signs You Have A Love Addiction AKA Limerence

Do you think you might have a love addiction? What is limerence? Defined by psychologist Dorothy Tennov, Limerence is a mental state of intense romantic infatuation where one feels a strong romantic desire for another person - the limerent object. Limerence is characterized by the intrusive thoughts one can experience about their crush and the strong emotional arousal that can grow into an obsessive craving for another person. Limerence can often last months, years, or even a lifetime if not tre

Social Anxiety after Lockdown

Johnny Berba explains how to deal with social anxiety after the covid-19 lockdown. Everyone is feeling anxious about interacting with people again because of having such a long time in isolation. It's normal to feel socially awkward if you haven't been socializing regularly. The only way to conquer social anxiety is by socializing regularly so you can build that momentum.  
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