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The Shawmut River Baptist Church

Excerpted from Spirit and Flesh; Life in a Fundamentalist Baptist Church By James M. Ault, Jr. It was well over a month after first meeting Frank Valenti that I attended Sunday worship at his church. I had been occupied finishing up interviews with right-to-lifers and parents involved in the Fourniers' Holy Family Academy, and participating in our research seminar at Brown University. The seminar, the first offered by the university's new women's studies center, was mad

What Is a Prophet?

Excerpted from Prophecy: What the Future Holds For You By Sylvia Browne, Lindsay Harrison The one thing he couldn't argue with, though, was that, whether he knew how it had happened or not, he'd cured himself somehow, and thanks to some follow-up hypnosis sessions, the cure became an obviously permanent one. If he really did have a gift that would allow him to offer diagnoses and remedies to people, how could he live with himself if he refused to at least try? 

Beyond Spirits and Ghosts: More Visitors and Where They Come From

Excerpted from Visits From The Afterlife: The Truth About Hauntings, Spirits and Reunions with Lost Loved Ones By Sylvia Browne, Lindsay Harrison The worlds of spirits and ghosts are fascinating enough to fill countless volumes all by themselves. But they're only the beginning of the story when it comes to "things that go bump in the night," those welcome and unwelcome intruders who can make us doubt our own eyes, ears, and sanity. As the chapters of this book continue

Psychic - The Truth about Past Lives

Excerpted from Past Lives, Future Healing: A Psychic Reveals the Secrets to Good Health and Great Relationships By Sylvia Browne I want you to know-not just believe, but know, to the core of your spirit where the truth lives-that you are eternal. The life you're living right now is just a tiny step in the never ending journey of the unique, cherished soul God created for no one else but you, a step of your own design toward your own greatest potential. Your current life

Center Stage

Excerpted from God's Leading Lady By Bishop T. D. Jakes LITTLE GIRLS LOVE to play dress-up. They put on their momma's skirt and hat, earrings and makeup, and prance in front of the mirror pretending to he all grown up. They stare at their reflections, trying to look older, prettier, just like their favorite pop star. Their make-believe games are fun and fantasy-filled One day they may be a recording diva on a sound stage: the next, they may be president of the United St

The Life of a Medium

Excerpted from Walking in the Garden of Souls By George Anderson In the early 1980s I did a cable television show called "Psychic Channels," which, looking back, was revolutionary for its time It was more or less a televised version of the groups I still do on a regular basis-connecting the souls in the hereafter with their grieving loved ones here I was outside the studio one afternoon going to my car after a taping, and a woman about twenty feet away stopped and addre

Everywhere He Went. He Was Heading for Home - Teshuvah

Excerpted from This Is Real and You Are Completely Unprepared: The Days of Awe as a Journey of Transformation By Rabbi Alan Lew Before we begin this journey, before we walk this map of the soul step by step, let's first step back and take a look at the essential gesture of the journey ; the single, consistent movement that characterizes it from start to finish. I am speaking here of Teshuvah, a Hebrew word that we struggle to translate. We call it repentance. We call it


kamurj in Religion and Spirituality

What Is Jewish Meditation?

Excerpted from Be Still and Get Going: A Jewish Meditation Practice for Real Life By Rabbi Alan Lew I often ask this question at the beginning of a workshop just to get a sense of where everyone is coming from. The answers are usually quite various. Meditation is becoming still. Meditation is becoming more focused and concentrated. Meditation is becoming more aware of yourself. Meditation is becoming relaxed. Meditation is becoming more aware of God, becoming centered,


kamurj in Religion and Spirituality

Everyday Life as Spiritual Path

Excerpted from Ordinary Magic: Everyday Life as Spiritual Path By John Welwood, Ph.D. At any moment, whatever we are experiencing, only one of two things is ever happening: either we are being with what is, or else we are resisting what is. Being with what is means letting ourselves have and feel our experience, just as it is right now. When we choose to be actively present with what is, we radiate a powerful energy that is most compelling. This is where genuine creativ

The Crisis of Spirit

Excerpted from Hymns to an Unknown God: Awakening The Spirit In Everyday Life By Sam Keen, Ph.D. At dusk on a bleak November day in 1957,I sat in a classic old lecture hall at Harvard and listened to Paul Tillich, possibly the greatest Protestant theologian of our century. It was a time of cultural optimism, of growing religious and political liberalism. I was newly married and well on my way to fulfilling my version of the American dream - being a professor in a small

Why You Must Learn to Set Goals

Excerpted from The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity : A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abundance By Edwene Gaines In order to harness your new wealth and good fortune that tithing brings you, you must learn the next spiritual law: goal-setting. Goal-setting and developing directed faith can have truly spectacular results. Like tithing, however, goal-setting works only if you actually do it. When you start tithing, the windows open and a shower of go

Silence - Living Peace

Excerpted from Living Peace: A Spirituality of Contemplation and Action By John Dear Solitude is a welcoming space for the God of peace. It opens up sacred space within us. As we seek the presence of God, we need to keep silent. Silence helps us to be attentive to the quiet presence of God. Silence can be God's language, the language of peace. Our own silence leads us to the silence of God. Silence disposes us to hear what we need to hear, what

Psychic Gift

Excerpted from I Know Why We're Here : An Ordinary Woman, An Extraordinary Psychic Gift By Mia Dolan My brother Pete was known as a tough guy with a wicked sense of humor. Whenever he was out, he was surrounded; people were drawn to him. Then, at twenty-two, he fell in love. From the moment he met Angela, he was besotted. The tough-guy image, the wildness and petty crookery, he lost interest in it all. Angela was his world. She was only seventee

Soul Signs - Walk With Me Now

Excerpted from Soul Signs: An Elemental Guide to Your Spiritual Destiny By Rosemary Altea What kind of soul, what sign are you? As you work your way through this book, you'll find out. You will learn about energy groups, soul signs, clusters, power sources, and energy flow. You will learn about your relationships, about how and why they work or don't work. And as you read you will, I hope, become more and more inspired, as I was, to learn to read the soul signs of other

God and Buddha, in Form and Essence

Excerpted from Awakening to the Sacred: Creating a Personal Spiritual Life By Lama Surya Das There is probably no other word more open to interpretation, misinterpretation, debate, and argument than the word "God." That's why talk of religion, along with politics, is so often verboten at holiday gatherings in America. It's just too thorny to risk alienating your family and friends. To at least some degree, your concept about who or what God is

The Components of Spiritual Intelligence

Excerpted from Awakening The Buddhist Heart: Integrating Love, Meaning, and Connection into Every Part of Your Life By Lama Surya Das What is spiritual intelligence? And how do we get it? How can we each find a higher or deeper transcendent spiritual vision and perspective? Some vegetarians say that it is spiritual to be vegetarian; people who are kosher believe that it's spiritually necessary to be kosher. In Judaism, following the Torah is spiritually intelligent. The

Naming Our Losses

Excerpted from Letting Go of the Person You Used to Be: Lessons on Change, Loss, and Spiritual Transformation By Lama Surya Das In much of India, tattered, homeless beggars abound. Many live under bridges or manage to find temporary shelter from the harsh elements under the eaves of bus and train stations and near roadside water spigots and latrines. Some years back, when I was a young man, still in my twenties, I used to travel through India on rickety buses on which y

The Ten Commandments of Character

Excerpted from The Ten Commandments of Character: Essential Advice for Living an Honorable, Ethical, Honest Life By Rabbi Joseph Telushkin If you ask people what they most want from others, they will usually answer "good character" (whether they use precisely this expression or not). The knowledge that those with whom we interact are kind and honorable is the surest guarantee that we and our loved ones will be treated well. But if you ask peopl

Communicating with Your Spirit Guide

Excerpted from Everyday Karma: How to Change Your Life by Changing Your Karma By Carmen Harra, Ph.D. There are several ways to communicate with your spirit guide, as long as your psychic center is open. Communication with them is something that can be learned and can be done in different ways. If a spirit wants to communicate, it will usually find a way. Some spirits will feel very strongly that they want to deliver a message and can be very per

God - His Time, His Agenda

Excerpted from The Low Road to New Heights: Following the Only Path to True Success By Wellington Boone As we spend time waiting before God, we begin to put into practice one simple truth: Our time belongs to the Lord of our lives. His timetable is different from ours. So are his plans and his ways of accomplishing them. "For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts" (Isaiah 55:9). &#

Harry Potter Is Here... and He's Not Going Away!

Excerpted from What's a Christian to Do with Harry Potter? By Connie Neal The fact that you've picked up this book speaks to the impact the Harry Potter series has had on the Christian community. Perhaps you share some of the curiosity, confusion, fear, enthusiasm, or even anger that discussion of the books has generated. Perhaps you just want to know what all the hubbub is about. The debate over Harry Potter has caused dissension, factions, confusion, strife, and enmit

Reversed Tarot Cards: Relationship Predictions

Excerpted from The Oracle of Love: How to Use Ordinary Playing Cards to Answer Your Relationship Questions, PredictYour Romantic Future, and Find Your Soul Mate By Lee Ann Richards Throughout this book, you'll see constant references to the cards being read Upright and Reversed. These two terms, "Upright" and "Reversed," refer to the position of the card on the table. "Upright" means the hearts on the fare of a Heart card are pointing upward. On the "Reversed" cards, th

Getting the Pose Just Right

Excerpted from Every Young Man, God's Man : Confident, Courageous, and Completely His By Stephen Arterburn, Kenny Luck, Mike Yorkey In their book Posers, Fakers, and Wannabes, Brennan Manning and Jim Hancock introduce us to a character they call "The Poser." They argue that The Poser (a person who pretends to be someone he is not) lives in all of its. I saw a lot of myself in the following story in which Jim recounts the images The Poser created for him-images that woul

God's Woman - Always Apply Knowledge Immediately

Excerpted from Your Inner Eve : Discovering God's Woman Within By Reverend Dr. Susan Newman The third lesson I see in this snake conspiracy is that we should always apply new knowledge immediately. When live ate the trait from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, her eyes and mind were immediately opened to a higher intelligence. She had new information that heretofore was unavailable to anyone except God. It stands to reason that since she now had this new knowledge

Establishing a Jewish Meditation Practice

Excerpted from New Age Judaism: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern World By Melinda Ribne Meditation and prayer are the most powerful tools now available to us for transforming our consciousness, and Judaism offers a variety of meditation techniques to increase God-awareness. Meditation is an important practice of the New Age as well because it transforms our consciousness in a quick and powerful way. Over the years, I have witnessed the most miraculous transformations of my
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