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The Straight Facts on Nutrition and Weight Loss

Excerpted from Leslie Sansone's Eat Smart, Walk Strong : The Secrets to Effortless Weight Loss By Leslie Sansone There are constant new companies that stand to make a lot of money by contusing you about weight loss. Their hopes of getting you to buy their diet foods and pills rest on convincing you that good nutrition is a complex science, that you'll need experts and special help to achieve weight loss. The diet-food industry has been abetted b


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Being a Good Sports Parent

Excerpted from The Young Athlete: A Sports Doctor's Complete Guide for Parents By Jordan D. Metzl, M.D., Carol Shookhoff, Ph.D. The Consequences of Emotional Overinvestment So what? You might ask. Why shouldn't I go to my kid's games? She's only going to play for a few years. What's so terrible about yelling myself hoarse? Isn't that the American way: rooting for the home team on Friday night? And up to a point, you would be right. If athletics


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The Fit Equation

Excerpted from The World's Fittest You By Joe Decker, Eric Neuhaus I hate using the word exercise. Although you'll see the word used a few times in this book, I like to refer to exercises as activities. Exercises makes you think of something you don't want to do. That's why you'll see my program is completely different. It's not about exercising at all, it's about activities, things you'll want to do, things that are fun, and won't take up lots of your time. If you're o


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Youth Sports - Teaching Kids Lasting Values

Excerpted from Raising a Team Player: Teaching Kids Lasting Values on the Field, on the Court and on the Bench By Harry Sheehy, Danny Peary Youth sports seems to be facing an overwhelming national crisis of conscience. What can parents do to make a difference? It is overwhelming. For a problem this large, the natural tendency is to look for a large solution. Unfortunately, I don't think that there's an easy systematic answer. If we want youth s


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The Smart Way to Get Fit Fast

Excerpted from Lean, Long& Strong: The 6-Week Strength-Training, Fat-Burning Program for Women By Wini Linguvic In case you are wondering, I'm here to give you some answers: Yes, you can be strong and be graceful. Yes, you can get fit and still have time for the rest of your life. Yes, you can enjoy a workout that makes you feel energized and balanced, and sculpts lean, long muscles. &#

Improving as a Runner

Excerpted from Masters Running; A Guide to Running and Staying Fit After 40 By Hal Higdon Improvement also may be dependent on a knowledge of how to insert rest, as mentioned above, into your program and when to use alternative activities, such as swimming or biking or even walking, to maintain aerobic capacity. Cross-training does not always work for elite athletes who run twice a day and 120 miles a week to achieve Olympic success, but I can guarantee you that it work

Strength Training

Excerpted from Runner's World Guide to Cross-Training By Matt Fitzgerald We runners are notoriously reluctant to strength-train. A typical runner has about as much interest in hitting the gym as the average powerlifter has in hitting the track. The three reasons runners commonly give for resisting resistance exercise are fears of "bulking up," a perceived lack of time and energy to devote to it, and the belief that strength training offers no particular benefits to runn

High-Tech Help? The Running Shoes of the Future

Excerpted from The Cutting-Edge Runner: How to Use the Latest Science and Technology to Run Longer, Stronger, and Faster By Matt Fitzgerald Running shoe technology has improved markedly in the past several years, and we can expect that it will continue to improve. What will the running shoes of the future look like? I got a taste of the future when I did some work for an upstart (and now defunct) running shoe company called Britek. This company

6 Weeks With Ben Affleck - Workout Secrets

Excerpted from The Action Hero Body; The Complete Workout Secrets from Hollywood's Top Trainer By Jørgen de Mey On a beautiful Hawaiian morning in the little village of Kailua, on the island of Oahu, I stood on a beach preparing myself physically and mentally for the first day with my new client: A-list Action Hero superstar Ben Affleck. The producer and director of the movie Pearl Harbor had hired me to help Ben get in optimal shape before they started filming in 6 wee

Yoga - Reducing Stress

Excerpted from Yoga Zone Yoga for Life: An Intermediate Guide to Health, Fitness, and Relaxation By Alan Finger, Al Bingham Everyone experiences stress-it is a phenomenon as old as the human race. The fast pace of twenty-first-century life provokes the stress response-and exacerbates its negative side effects - probably more than any other rime in history. Never before have people experienced so many pressures in the course of a single Jay. pressures to earn money, be s

Yoga Hand Postures for Women

Excerpted from Power Mudras: Yoga Hand Postures for Women By Sabrina Mesko, Ph.D.H. Grass Meadow You have a secret hideaway in your world of nature. It is a lush grass meadow filled with wildflowers. Be adventurous. Take off your shoes and feel the life force beneath your bare feet. The grass will tickle you, massage you, poke you, and soothe you. The unusual feeling gets

Inner Lights or Spotlights?

Excerpted from Body, Mind, and Sport: The Mind-Body Guide to Lifelong Health, Fitness, and Your Personal Best By John Douillard, Ph.D. We are conditioned to think that to win, to be the best, is the only legitimate goal. An Olympic gold medal, parlayed into Coke commercials and TV appearances, is the sign of the greatest achievement. A silver medalist -second best in the world, and not a small accomplishment -is considered a risky investment by the marketing wizards who

Why Strength Train?

Excerpted from The Slow Burn Fitness Revolution: The Slow Motion Exercise That Will Change Your Body in 30 Minutes a Week By Fredrick Hahn, Michael R. Eades, M.D., Mary Dan Eades, M.D. Most people think of strength training as something just for body builders and, absent any desire for a sculpted, rippling physique, not something of particular interest to the rest of us. But this common Perception has recently begun to change. Lately, we've begun hearing about the impor

Workout - How Body Rolling Works

Excerpted from The Ultimate Body Rolling Workout: The Revolutionary Way to Tone, Lengthen, and Realign Your Body By Yamuna Zake, Stephanie Golden The basic principle of Roily Rolling is creating space. Just as people exclaim, "I need my own space!" every part of your body needs its proper space to I unit ion at its best. Pain or discomfort due to a sprain, muscle spasm, or pressure on a nerve is the result of compression-meaning lack of space-in the painful area. Lack o


Excerpted from Yogababy: Exercises to Help You Bond With Your Baby Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually By DeAnsin Goodson Parker, Ph.D., Karen W. Bressler When you and your baby do yoga together, it is about two people getting in harmony so that each feels better connected to the other. What I call "relationship yoga" is an ideal method to learn how to parent intuitively. Relationship yoga is a way to share fun and quality time between parent and baby while building

Menopause: Yoga and the Endocrine System

Excerpted from Yoga and the Wisdom of Menopause: A Guide to Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Health at Midlife and Beyond By Suza Francina A woman's physical well-being during the menopausal years depends on the healthy functioning of her endocrine (hormone-producing) glands. In order to understand just how important the endocrine system is during menopause, it is helpful to have some basic information about its structure and function. Compris

Yoga - Our Changing View of Aging

Excerpted from The New Yoga for People Over 50: A Comprehensive Guide for Midlife and Older Beginners By Suza Francina Our Changing View of Aging We need to change our idea of what aging is. If I know my biological potential is 130 years, then I don't consider myself middle-aged until I'm 65. . . . One of the great principles of mind/body medicine is that expectancies determine outcome. If you expect to remain strong in old age, you will. - Deep

Real Men Do Yoga

Excerpted from Real Men Do Yoga: 21 Star Athletes Reveal Their Secrets for Strength, Flexibility and Peak Performance By John Capouya No, you won't have to stand on your head. There will be no strange and painful contortions here. No chanting, no incense, no gurus. And, no, it isn't a chick thing. These are probably the biggest misconceptions that some men still have about yoga. In the last few years, yoga has exploded in popularity in this cou

The Truth about Cellulite, Fat Burning, and Weight Loss

Excerpted from The Little Butt& Thighs Workout Book By Erika Dillman Let's face it. Before you can get the legs you want, you have to address your cellulite situation. We all have it. We all hate it. We spend millions every year on creams, pills, and spa treatments "guaranteed" to get rid of it. We try the latest diets and buy exercise equipment designed to help us "burn the fat," and still, most of us seem stuck with our dimpled, flabby thi


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A Different Approach

Excerpted from Real Fitness for Real Women: A Unique Workout Program for the Plus-Size Woman By Rochelle Rice By now you've probably tried every diet and fitness program out there, only to be disappointed every time they fell short of your needs. You've put down your money for a gym membership, never to return. I am here to tell you the truth about why the diet and fitness world fails plus-size women-not why you fail them. Like many other plus-s


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You Are What You Think!

Excerpted from Toning for Teens: The 20-Minute Workout that Makes You Look Good and Feel Great! By Joyce L. Vedral, Ph.D. The first thing I want you to do is to realize that you are beautiful right now. You are the same adorable, miraculous human being that came from your mother's womb. To make sure you understand this, I want you, right now, to do something that may seem foolish. I want you to go ask your mother for a baby picture of you when you were first born, and s


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Pilates - The Method

Excerpted from The Little Pilates Book By Erika Dillman Pilates is an exercise method designed to condition and connect body and mind, correct muscle imbalances, improve posture, and tone the body. Created by German fitness trainer Joseph H. Pilates more than seventy years ago, Pilates is based on a combination of eastern and western exercise philosophies. The exercises mix yoga-like movements with strengthening techniques to develop strong, lean, flexible muscles.


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Yoga - How to Structure Your Practice

Excerpted from The Little Yoga Book By Erika Dillman Elements of Practice In order to maximize yoga's benefits, practice regularly and design an all-body routine that improves balance, flexibility, stamina, and strength. A well-rounded practice includes the following types of poses: abdominal strengtheners, backward and forward bends, balancing, spinal twists, and poses that stretch and strengthen the legs, hips, arms, shoulders, neck, and back.


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How to Get Great Abs

Excerpted from The Little ABS Workout Book By Erika Dillman Neutral Spine The first step of spinal stabilization is developing an awareness of spinal alignment. The spine has a natural curve at the lumbar region. Physical therapists use the term "neutral spine" to describe optimal spinal alignment, or the position in which the spine is best able to carry load and move most safely and efficiently. It's also the position of the lower spine when th


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What Is Strength Training?

Excerpted from The Little Strength Training Book By Erika Dillman Building a Better Body Once considered an obscure sport practiced mainly by competitive athletes and vain bodybuilders, strength training has become one of the most popular fitness activities in the country, with more than twenty million participants. Why are so many people including strength training in their fitness routines? Because it works. Improving


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