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How to Test Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is something any one can build by increasing their emotional awareness, self-awareness and their awareness of others. In this video you're going to get a feel for how emotionally intelligent you are, and also become more self-aware so you can build your emotional intelligence however you think it necessary.  

Julia Kristina

Julia Kristina in Mental Health

Introverted, Shy, or Schizoid?

Introverts are invested in introspection, are never impulsive, reckless, defiant, or dysregulated (never borderline or psychopathic). They are avoid over-stimulation. Unlike shy people, they are not apprehensive, anxious, or afraid of unfamiliar social settings. Introversion is a choice or a preference - not an avoidant, phobic behavior (like in social anxiety or social phobia).  

5 Signs You're Experiencing Dissociation

There are many ways our bodies escape from stress. One way is through dissociation. Dissociation is a defense mechanism where we unconsciously push away conflicting or threatening emotions from our subconscious mind. It’s a form of compartmentalizing your feelings so that you do not have to deal with them. Below are a few different signs that you are or have experienced dissociation.  


Psych2Go in Mental Health

5 Signs of Teenage Depression

Only 30 percent of depressed teens are being treated. Symptoms of teenage depression can include, but not limited to: prolonged low mood or sadness, being easily irritable, feelings of helplessness, increased social isolation, loss of interest for things previously enjoyed. The signs of depression can resemble that of clinical depression. If you identify with the symptoms in the video, we recommend talking to your school counsellors or free resources.  


Psych2Go in Mental Health

3 Easy Tricks To Make A Girl Obsessed With You

Acting needy with a girl... kills her interest and attraction in you faster than anything else. Being independent, mysterious and creating attention gets her obsessed. So let's go over 3 ways to do this so you are always the one who gets to make the choice about the relationship.  

Tripp Advice

Tripp Advice in Dating

7 Subtle Signs of Burnout You Should Never Ignore

You may be familiar with the classic burnout symptoms, specifically, being tired and mentally and emotionally exhausted. But there are more subtle signs of burnout that are easy to overlook. When it comes to prolonged exposure to stress and pressure, you need to understand that we all have a limit. That said, long before you know it, your body and mind will begin to send you tiny nudges which indicate that you are burning out. Your emotional and mental health is important, so you better pay atte


BRAINY DOSE in Personal Growth

10 Reasons Why Men Come Back

In this video I will share with you 10 things or 10 reasons why men come back. Why men come back. What type of intentions does he have if he is coming back . Do you know is he coming back because he wants you back or is he coming back for an ego stroke?  

Greta Bereisaite

Greta Bereisaite in Breaking up

7 Things You Should NEVER Say to an INFJ

Has someone ever told you something that caught you completely off-guard? How did you respond to it? For the most part, INFJs are understanding and empathic MBTI types. They are open-minded visionaries and can get in the shoes of their conversation partner more naturally than others. But despite their gentleness, they are far from perfect. Here are some things people say that cross a fine line and test the INFJ’s patience.  


Psych2Go in Relationships

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