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Dental Amalgams (Fillings)

Excerpted from Discover Wellness By Phyllis Taber-Greenberg 1. My Opinion Of Possible Problems: a. a. If one's dental fillings (amalgams) are metal, especially mercury-silver, they could be causing severe mental and physical health problems. My problems were OBESITY and emotional. There is a mountain of evidence collected by dentists/researchers around the world that substantiate this claim. The American Dental Association does not agree. They s


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Making Changes That Stick

By Theun Mares Anne has a weight problem. She has tried many different diets, but they just don't seem to work. Although she sticks with them, and sometimes loses weight, the effects never last for long. In the end, she gives up, feeling disheartened and that she really can't change her situation. Anne is typical of many who want to alter their lives in profound ways, but find that they are unable to make these changes last. Is there a remedy? Yes. The secret to long-lasting personal c


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Preoccupation with Money

Excerpted from Love is No Guarantee: What you Need to Know before You fall in Love By Peter Hector One of the major causes of unhappiness in people's lives is money. "Money can't buy happiness." "Money can't buy love." "Money is not everything." Everyday, people are in a mad scramble to earn more money. Yes, we need to earn money to provide for our survival, but for most people, the more they have, the more they need. Many people across North America spend at least 40 hours a week at jo


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Excerpted from The Carrot and the Mule By Joseph Foti, Esq. The icy December rain pelted my eyes as I tried to keep my 500 foot yacht from slamming into the jagged Nantucket rocks. Despite my efforts, the howling night winds, raging sea, and dense fog made steering almost impossible. This was by far the worst storm I had encountered in thirteen years of sailing. Standing at the helm, forced to endure Maurice's mocking glances, I watched helplessly as twenty foot waves c


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Break-Up for Girls - The First Few Days

Excerpted from The Girls' Guide to Surviving a Break-Up By Delphine Hirsh If your palms aren't too tired, high-five yourself yet again. You may not be laughing all the time and wildly in love with your life, but there is no doubt that you are feeling a lot better than you did six months ago. Can you even really remember how miserable you felt back then? Most people can summon a vague feeling of horror, but the actual intensity of the pain can't be accessed. That intensity, thank God, do


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The Seventh Principle of Intentional Communication: When All Else Fails, Tell the Truth

By Jan Pedersen As a speaker and trainer of communication skills, I often have participants in my workshops who are in pain somehow, struggling to right relationships or stand up for themselves or change their circumstances. Over and over, I am asked: "How do I tell ----- to ------?" or "How would you tell---that you ----" I used to get hooked by that question, and in my inflated sense of wisdom and power, I'd

The Sixth Principle of Intentional Communication: Nothing is Personal

By Jan Pedersen Several years ago, while we were enjoying a year in France as the "guests" of my husband's employer, my husband and I took a Sunday stroll through a quaint, 16th century village. While we were looking up at the magnificent gothic spires, and taking in the feel of a town with such a long history, we forgot the simple fact that modern France, with a population of about 60 million people, has 10 million dogs.

The Fifth Principle of Intentional Communication: Listening for Results

A lot has been written about listening in the past few decades. Most of it has to do with the "doing" of listening. "Active Listening," they call it. Does this sound familiar? Lean forward slightly Nod and grunt occasionally Paraphrase what they are saying Et cetera, et cetera, et cetera I don't know about you, but I can spot when somebody is "active listening" m

Never ask a man for a date

Excerpted from Stop Getting Dumped! All You Need to Know to Make Men Fall Madly in Love with You and Marry The One in 3 Years or Less By Lisa Daily Your first move is to let him make the first move. Here, we enter the realm of the old-fashioned. This little secret is extremely important, though, no matter how outdated it may seem. Never ask a man out on a date. Ever. Men need to be men, and bless them for that. The very same brain cells that make him need to be the instigator in th


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The Rise of Steady Work

Excerpted from The Disposable American; Layoffs and Their Consequences By Louis Uchitelle When I was young, job security was tangible, so tangible that it could be conferred on people, and it was. My turn came in September 1957. I had been hired four months earlier by the Associated Press as a probationary reporter and sent to the New Haven, Connecticut, bureau to fill in for regulars away on vacation. I was told that if I did well that summer, I would be made permanent


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