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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    Do You Believe in Signs?

    Dear eNotAlone: I'm struggling to make sense of the multiple coincidences that have been happening in my life as of late. From seemingly insignificant details lined up perfectly to coinciding events that have a deep personal impact, I can't help but feel as though something more than random chance is at work—that somehow everything that's happening is part of a greater plan. Could this be a sign? Do you believe in signs?

    * * *

    The idea of signs guiding our lives can be a captivating one, suggesting a greater force at work beyond our own abilities. That said, what must first be considered is how one interprets and responds to these signs. Most often, we see what we are looking for—seeking out patterns to help us make sense of the world around us. It's normal to interpret events in a meaningful way that comforts our minds. But with some scattered details, it isn't necessarily the case that each occurrence is part of a bigger puzzle.

    When thinking about coincidences and signs, consider what kind of confirmation you are looking for. Does a line from a favorite book suddenly appear in your day-to-day life? Had you been actively waiting for such an occurrence to come your way, almost like a wish granted? If a sign such as this only happens once, is it really reasonable to assume that all of the coincidences in your life are connected? Pay attention to the things that occur repeatedly and on a consistent basis to draw reasonable conclusions.

    Another worthwhile thought would be to ponder why certain signs are so important. There might be something deeper still at play. When particular messages appear in our lives, what types of emotions arise? Is fear, worry, or guilt holding back responses to potential opportunities? If a positive sign provides peace and comfort, then it is likely more than a mere coincidence. A sign provokes self-reflection and taps into deeper levels of insight in order to be interpreted truthfully and accurately.

    It would be wise to also take into consideration luck versus faith when searching for signs. Oftentimes, we are convinced of something because of convenience or ease rather than actual evidence. Staying open to both luck and faith allows for a freer stream of thought and understanding of what might be occurring around us on a larger scale. To reduce any irrational beliefs and counterproductive happenings, it's important to remember the importance of both luck and faith with all signs presented to us.

    Think about the purpose behind being receptive to signs. How can they help change the present pattern in your life, if at all? It is one thing to recognize things differently, but it is a whole other to receive and understand the challenges brought upon by the signs. Consider your past experiences with coincidences, and whether or not they served to positively influence any decisions. Doing so should remove any false hope or fear that arises when perceiving signs.

    Whether you do or do not believe in signs, it is a personal journey and challenge to discover the potential yet truthful meaning behind each coincidental occurrence. The very fact that some "signs" stem from deep personal meanings and connections speaks volumes to their importance. Taking into consideration all factors of signs, be sure to remain open-minded about the occurrences ringing true in your life.

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