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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    Working Together To Rescue Your Relationship From Troubled Waters

    They may have started in a flurry of romance and passionate devotion, but whatever successful marriage you know of today had challenges at one point. It is not unusual to find the newfound joys and perfections of any committed relationship tested in time, whether it's a brief hiccup of unrest or something more serious. The people behind that relationship just had to find a way to work together and resolve the issues. Unfortunately, many succumb to their troubles and allow them to tear them apart.

    No matter how long a couple has been together, the ups and downs of life can take its toll on their relationship. It requires an understanding and commitment from both parties to brave the stormy weather and come out unscathed. The unfortunate truth is that no two people are alike, and therefore clashes and disagreements will inevitably arise. It's up to both of you to reach a middle ground in order to save your relationship.

    If your relationship has now hit troubled waters, then the first step is to identify the problem. Take a look at what's causing turbulence between you both and ask yourselves if this is fixable or if it's something you simply cannot reconcile. That being said, communication is key to discovering the root cause and discussing constructive solutions that work best for both of you. Talking openly, honestly, and without blaming one another is crucial. You're going to have to pay close attention to each other's feelings and try to be empathetic towards each other and their perspectives. If you choose to face conflicts head-on and find a way to meet in the middle, it'll be the start of learning how to disagree without hating each other.

    A positive attitude and supportive environment goes a long way in helping to work out your differences. Respectful and gentle language should be used when having uncomfortable conversations, because harsh words only lead to pain. Remain open-minded even when you don't agree with each other's points of view. Arguing can be avoided by understanding what matters to each other and piecing together a solution that works for both of you.

    Sometimes, it can be useful to bring in the help of an outside professional. A licensed therapist can help to provide insights into healthy communication and conflict resolution practiced by successful couples. It can also give you an opportunity to explore the underlying issues holding you back from connecting. When it comes to saving your relationship, sometimes outside counseling can be the lifeline to reunite and reinvigorate your bond.

    Your relationship is ultimately yours to nurture and protect. Working together to resolve challenging times is not only necessary but essential. Whatever successful marriage you know of today had problems at some point – it's a matter of proactively addressing the issues and choosing to be proactive together. When it comes to the good times and the bad, make sure you pledge to work together and not let it fall apart. Take a step back, reframe the situation, share your feelings, be patient, forgive and remember why you fell in love in the first place. These will be the true testaments to the strength and sustainability of your relationship.

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