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  • Paula Thompson
    Paula Thompson

    What's In It For Me? The Pros and Cons of Maintaining a Long-Distance Relationship

    Do you ever find yourself in a long-distance relationship with no end in sight? Meeting someone miles away and developing a connection over phone calls, videochat, and texts can be an incredibly trying experience. But is the struggle worth it? Let's explore the many pros and cons of being involved in a long-distance relationship to determine if it's right for you.

    Breaking down barriers between you and another is difficult when both of you are hundreds or thousands of miles away. Oftentimes, there’s no feasible way to physically meet while pursuing a long-distance partnership. Whether one of you is working abroad or attending college away from home, there will likely always be a geographic gap between you. Not to mention the time zone difference for those living in other countries - random Skype calls at 3 am may soon become the norm.

    But here’s where things turn interesting. Instead of having the leisure of grabbing dinner together or a simple walk in the park as a couple, individuals in a long-distance relationship must often face these obstacles together. Couples that can effectively communicate about their wants and needs digitally have more potential for succeeding. This can create a bond that is more loyal and compassionate than even the closest proximity can bring.

    When the distance between two people brings out their best versions, unexpected growth happens. Doing things apart can sometimes help couples remember why they were originally attracted to each other. Appreciating one another from miles away provides the kind of space needed to truly gain insight into each other’s lives.

    However, as is with any romantic entanglement, not all relationships benefit from being tested in the long run. Instead, each partner can suffer emotionally. Empathy and understanding become tricky because there’s no physical empathy that comes with long-distance romance. Hard conversations like breakups can become almost impossible due to the new dynamic. Plus, honest communication about commitment and loyalty, health tends to suffer.

    Though it takes immense dedication and patience to make a long-distance relationship work, it can happen. However, it may inherently take more effort than couples within close distance. If you’re wondering whether a long-distance relationship is worth pursuing, capture your feelings and talk to your partner about any concerns. Speaking openly about wanting to take space, setting boundaries, and creating solutions will help you both solve conflicts together. you may decide that being close to each other will save your relationship rather than keeping it alive across country borders.

    No matter the situation, having the courage to make decisions that will preserve your sanity and happiness should always come first. A long-distance relationship is not the goal, but rather a tool necessary to maintain some level of intimacy while circumstances force you apart.

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