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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    What Women Really Want: Unpacking the Unspoken Longings of the Female Heart

    At first glance, it may seem difficult to determine what women truly desire in a relationship. The shifting perceptions of femininity mean that even standards of what is and isn't attractive often fluctuate without warning. Increasingly, women are each forging their own path and asserting their independence. It can be easy to become lost in all the opinions, so let's explore the unspoken longings of the female heart and unlock the mysteries of womanhood.

    Beyond the ever-changing appearances and attitudes, women have certain natural drives that remain constant for the most part. Although personal interests vary from woman to woman, there is a basic set of needs that all women share. Asking yourself the following astute questions can help to shed some light on whether your partner or friend is likely to be content and fulfilled within the relationship.

    Do I make her feel valued? Every good female-male relationship is based on mutual respect. Letting your partner know everyday how much you appreciate them by expressing your love and admiration through words, gestures, or surprises is key. If a woman is feeling taken for granted in the relationship, it won't be long before she motions to pack her bags.

    Am I showing her enough attention? You don't need to lavish someone with affection to show them they mean something to you. Even little thoughtful acts like sending good morning messages or calling just to check in can make a world of difference. Women yearn for somebody who feels like an escape from the mundane; someone to look forward to at the end of a long day — not as an obligation, but as an honor.

    Am I listening? Listening is essential in any relationship if either party wishes to be heard. This doesn't just mean hearing what is said; it means actively engaging with their thoughts, feelings, and experiences. Even if you don't always agree, actively acknowledging their point of view will do wonders for the relationship.

    Do I support her dreams and aspirations? Having dreams and ambitions is critical in maintaining self-confidence and a sense of purpose. Women should never feel like they need to sacrifice their ambitions or dreams in order to appease anyone. A supportive partner encourages growth and can push their partner towards greatness.

    Do I prioritize our quality time together? When it comes to long-term partnerships, quality reciprocity of care is just as important as quantity. Maintaining a sensibility that allows ample downtime and opportunity for relaxation, conversation, and adventure will ensure that your relationship continues to flourish.

    Seeking out the answers to these types of thoughtful questions may appear simple enough on the surface but attempting to answer them honestly requires a deeper level of introspection. Do the work and you will start to glimpse the secrets of womanhood. Delve further and you'll have found the keys that open the doors to unlocking the unspoken longings of the female heart.

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