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    Natalie Garcia

    Top 20 Hottest NFL Players: Do You Agree?

    The Criteria for "Hotness"

    When it comes to the term "hot", everyone has their own definition. Some might focus on physical appearance, while others may look at a player's charisma on and off the field. For the purpose of this list, we've looked at a combination of attributes: aesthetics, personality, achievements, and their impact on the game.

    Research suggests that our perceptions of attractiveness are a mix of biology and culture. A study from the University of California found that facial symmetry, masculine/feminine features, and averageness are universally attractive across cultures.

    However, there's more to "hotness" than just looks. An NFL player's talent, dedication, and ability to perform under pressure can make them incredibly attractive in the eyes of fans. So, let's dive into our list of the hottest NFL players, combining both their physical and athletic prowess.

    The following players have not only impressed with their skills but have also made significant contributions to the NFL's legacy. But remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

    So, without further ado, let's start our countdown of the top 20 hottest NFL players!

    1. Patrick Mahomes

    Leading our list is none other than Patrick Mahomes. This Kansas City Chiefs' quarterback isn't just renowned for his unmatched skills on the field but also for his charming smile and charismatic presence off the field. He has a certain flair that captures attention, making him a favorite for many NFL enthusiasts.

    Mahomes' mixed heritage gives him a unique and captivating look. But his appeal isn't limited to his appearance. His incredible ability to make game-changing plays and his magnetic personality make him a hot topic in more ways than one.

    He's been celebrated for not just his talent but also his leadership qualities. A young player who's already reached such heights in his career, Mahomes represents the future of the NFL.

    Additionally, his philanthropic efforts, including his work for underprivileged children, add another layer to his attractiveness. After all, a big heart is always in style!

    With a Super Bowl MVP under his belt and many years ahead of him, Mahomes is undoubtedly one of the hottest and brightest stars in the NFL today.

    2. Jimmy Garoppolo

    Jimmy G, as fans affectionately call him, is often touted as one of the most handsome players in the league. With his chiseled jawline and intense gaze, the San Francisco 49ers' quarterback certainly makes hearts race. But, it's not just about looks with Jimmy.

    Garoppolo's journey from a backup quarterback in New England to leading the 49ers to a Super Bowl appearance is a testament to his grit and determination. It's this resilience and dedication that adds to his appeal.

    His Italian heritage shines through in his classic Mediterranean features. Those dark eyes and sharp features could easily land him a modeling gig. But thankfully for NFL fans, he's more interested in touchdowns than runways.

    Garoppolo's friendly demeanor and easy-going nature off the field have also endeared him to fans. He's got that classic combination of the boy-next-door charm with superstar talent.

    Statistics from Google Trends indicate that searches related to "Jimmy Garoppolo handsome" spiked dramatically during the 2019-2020 NFL season, further highlighting his popularity in the looks department.

    With continued success on the field and his heartthrob status off it, Jimmy G is here to stay on our list of the hottest NFL players.

    3. Saquon Barkley

    Saquon Barkley, the running back for the New York Giants, has a physique that could make Greek gods jealous. His impeccable form is the result of hours of grueling workouts and a testament to his dedication to the game.

    Barkley's tree-trunk thighs and explosive power have made him a force to be reckoned with on the field. Fans and opponents alike can't help but admire his athletic prowess.

    However, Barkley is not just about muscles and power. He's also got a playful charm and a heartwarming smile that lights up any room. This combination of raw power and boyish charm is irresistible.

    His rookie season was nothing short of spectacular, earning him the NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year award. Since then, he's consistently proven himself to be one of the most dynamic players in the league.

    Off the field, Barkley is known for his community involvement, particularly in his hometown of Coplay, Pennsylvania. This commitment to giving back only adds to his appeal.

    4. Odell Beckham Jr.

    Odell Beckham Jr., popularly known as OBJ, is not just a fantastic wide receiver but also a style icon. With his distinctive blonde hair and a fashion sense that's always on point, OBJ knows how to stand out both on and off the field.

    Playing for the Cleveland Browns, OBJ's incredible one-handed catches and electric gameplay have made him a sensation. His flair for the dramatic on the field is matched only by his flamboyant style off of it.

    However, it's not just his looks and playing style that make him hot. OBJ's passion for the game and his dedication to always pushing the limits are incredibly attractive. He's never one to shy away from challenges, and that determination shines through in every game he plays.

    His Instagram feed is a testament to his keen sense of style and love for fashion. With over 14 million followers, OBJ often shares glimpses of his life, workouts, and, of course, his latest fashion statements.

    5. Julian Edelman

    Julian Edelman, the former wide receiver for the New England Patriots, has always been a fan favorite. His rugged good looks, combined with his fearless gameplay, have earned him a place in the hearts of many.

    Standing at 5'10", Edelman might not be the tallest player on the field, but what he lacks in height, he more than makes up for in heart and determination. His incredible catches, especially during critical moments in games, are legendary.

    Edelman's journey is one of sheer willpower. From being a seventh-round pick to Super Bowl MVP, he's defied the odds at every turn. This underdog story adds another layer to his appeal.

    Off the field, Julian is known for his charitable work, especially the Julian Edelman Children's Fund, which aims to help children in need.

    His charismatic presence on social media, where he often shares moments from his life, training sessions, and even some humorous takes on current events, shows a side of him that fans adore.

    Although Edelman announced his retirement in 2021, his legacy in the NFL and his status as one of its hottest players remains intact.

    6. Russell Wilson

    Russell Wilson, the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, is the perfect blend of talent, looks, and charisma. His soulful eyes and infectious smile can melt hearts, but it's his prowess on the field that truly sets him apart.

    Wilson's leadership qualities are evident in the way he commands the field. His ability to remain calm under pressure and make split-second decisions has won him accolades and admiration from peers and fans alike.

    Outside the gridiron, Russell is a devoted family man. His relationship with singer Ciara and their adorable family moments, often shared on social media, have made them one of the most beloved couples in the celebrity world.

    Russell's commitment to charity is commendable. Through his Why Not You Foundation, he's been involved in numerous charitable endeavors, emphasizing children's health and education.

    Combining his athletic achievements with his off-field activities, Russell Wilson embodies the essence of a modern-day NFL superstar.

    7. Travis Kelce

    Travis Kelce, tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, is not just known for his impressive gameplay but also for his swag. His striking tattoos, combined with his trendsetting fashion choices, have made him one of the most recognizable faces in the NFL.

    Standing at 6'5", Kelce's towering presence on the field is hard to miss. His agility and skill, especially for someone of his size, are awe-inspiring. He's been a pivotal player for the Chiefs, especially during their Super Bowl-winning season.

    Off the field, Travis has ventured into reality TV, searching for love in "Catching Kelce." This foray into television gave fans an intimate look into his life and personality.

    Known for his charismatic and fun-loving nature, Kelce often engages with fans on social media, sharing snippets of his life, training routines, and his various adventures.

    With his combination of talent, personality, and a keen sense of style, Kelce continues to be a prominent figure in discussions about the hottest NFL players.

    His involvement in charity work, especially focused on underprivileged youth, further solidifies his place in the hearts of many.

    8. Cam Newton

    Cam Newton, with his distinctive fashion sense and larger-than-life personality, is impossible to ignore. This quarterback, who's played for the Carolina Panthers and the New England Patriots, is as much a sensation off the field as on it.

    Newton's athletic abilities are undeniable. His combination of speed, power, and agility has made him one of the most dynamic quarterbacks in the league.

    His flamboyant style choices, especially his hats, have become a signature look. Cam is never one to shy away from making a statement, be it with his gameplay or his outfits.

    However, it's not all about style. Cam's charitable endeavors, especially the Cam Newton Foundation, have made significant contributions to youth-related causes.

    Despite facing his share of challenges and injuries, Newton's resilience and dedication to the game have ensured that he remains a central figure in NFL discussions.

    9. Ezekiel Elliott

    The Dallas Cowboys' running back, Ezekiel Elliott, often nicknamed "Zeke," is a force to be reckoned with on the field. His impressive stats and gameplay are backed by a physique that showcases sheer power and agility.

    Zeke's distinctive crop top jersey style and his 'feed me' celebration have made him one of the most recognizable players in the league.

    His playful nature and camaraderie with his teammates, especially with quarterback Dak Prescott, are always in the spotlight, adding to his charm and appeal.

    Elliott's commitment to the game is evident in his rigorous training routines, snippets of which he often shares on social media. These glimpses into his life give fans a deeper appreciation of the hard work that goes into being an NFL star.

    Off the field, Zeke has been involved in various charitable activities, especially focusing on animal welfare and adoption, showcasing his softer side.

    With his blend of talent, style, and a big heart, Ezekiel Elliott is undoubtedly one of the hottest players in the NFL today.

    10. Myles Garrett

    Myles Garrett, defensive end for the Cleveland Browns, is not just a nightmare for opposing quarterbacks but also a dream come true for many fans. His chiseled physique, combined with his soft-spoken nature, makes him an intriguing figure in the NFL.

    Standing at a staggering 6'4" and weighing 272 lbs, Garrett's physical prowess is evident every time he's on the field. But it's his poetic soul and love for dinosaurs that add layers to his personality.

    Garrett's dedication to the game is commendable. His training routines, focusing on agility and strength, have made him one of the most formidable defensive players in the league.

    Off the field, Myles is known for his love for poetry and writing. This unexpected passion offers a refreshing contrast to his on-field persona and gives fans a unique insight into the man behind the helmet.

    His commitment to community service, especially in the Cleveland area, has endeared him even more to fans and locals.

    11. Odell Beckham Jr.

    Odell Beckham Jr., often simply referred to as OBJ, has been turning heads since he first set foot in the NFL. Best known for his iconic one-handed catch, his prowess on the field is matched only by his magnetic personality off it.

    His sense of style is unparalleled. Whether it's his unique hairstyles or his eclectic fashion choices, OBJ knows how to make a statement. He's as much a trendsetter off the field as he is a playmaker on it.

    Playing for teams like the New York Giants and Cleveland Browns, he's consistently showcased his athletic brilliance, earning admiration from fans and players alike.

    Off the field, Odell's candidness on social media has endeared him to many. He shares moments from his life, training regimens, and occasionally, his dance moves!

    His charitable endeavors, especially those focused on children and education, reveal a side of him that's as big-hearted as it is talented.

    12. Jimmy Garoppolo

    The San Francisco 49ers' quarterback, Jimmy Garoppolo, has a charm that's hard to resist. With his classic good looks and calm demeanor, he's become one of the poster boys of the NFL.

    Often referred to as 'Jimmy G', his presence on the field is both commanding and composed. This, combined with his impeccable gameplay, makes him one of the league's premier quarterbacks.

    His journey from being a backup to Tom Brady in New England to leading the 49ers to the Super Bowl showcases his dedication, hard work, and talent.

    Off the field, Jimmy is known for his humility. Despite his star status, he often comes across as grounded, which fans find refreshing.

    Garoppolo's community service, especially in his hometown, reflects his commitment to giving back. His support for various charitable causes underlines his empathetic side.

    13. Patrick Mahomes

    When discussing the hottest NFL players, it's impossible not to mention Patrick Mahomes. The young quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs has taken the league by storm with his exceptional talent and charismatic personality.

    His unique playing style, characterized by no-look passes and off-the-cuff plays, has redefined quarterbacking for a new generation. At such a young age, his achievements, including a Super Bowl win, are remarkable.

    Mahomes' infectious energy, both on and off the field, has made him a fan favorite. His interactions with fans, especially the younger ones, reveal a playful and approachable side.

    Off the field, Patrick is actively involved in charity work. His Patrick Mahomes Foundation focuses on initiatives that improve the lives of children, emphasizing health and wellness.

    His relationship with fiancée Brittany Matthews and their journey to parenthood has been lovingly documented, adding another layer to his persona.

    14. Saquon Barkley

    Saquon Barkley, the running back for the New York Giants, is a physical specimen. His combination of speed, power, and agility has drawn comparisons to some of the greatest in the position.

    Beyond his athletic capabilities, Saquon's vibrant smile and engaging personality make him one of the most likable figures in the league. He's the epitome of hard work meeting talent, and his rise in the NFL has been nothing short of meteoric.

    Known for his rigorous training routines, videos of Saquon's workouts have gone viral, showcasing the dedication that goes into being at the pinnacle of the sport.

    Off the field, Barkley is a doting father. His interactions with his daughter, often shared on social media, showcase a tender side to the athlete.

    His involvement in charitable endeavors, especially those aimed at providing resources for underprivileged kids, speaks volumes about his character.

    15. Jalen Ramsey

    Jalen Ramsey, the cornerback for the Los Angeles Rams, is as renowned for his gameplay as he is for his confidence. His bold proclamations and unshakable belief in his abilities have made him one of the most talked-about players in the league.

    On the field, his skill set is undeniable. Often tasked with covering the opponent's best receiver, Ramsey's performances are a masterclass in defensive play.

    His competitive nature is evident in every game, but off the field, Jalen showcases a different side. He's a committed father and often shares moments of his personal life, giving fans a glimpse into his world beyond football.

    His charitable efforts, particularly in his hometown, reflect his commitment to community development and upliftment.

    Ramsey's confidence, combined with his talent and off-field persona, cements his place as one of the NFL's hottest players.

    16. Derrick Henry

    The Tennessee Titans' running back, Derrick Henry, is a force of nature. Standing at 6'3" and weighing 247 lbs, he's an imposing figure on the field, often bulldozing through defenses with seeming ease.

    Henry's playing style is a blend of raw power and surprising agility. His highlight-reel stiff arms and long runs have made him a sensation in the league.

    Off the field, Derrick has a quieter demeanor. His humility, despite his immense success, is something fans and peers respect immensely.

    His dedication to fitness and training is evident in his gameplay. Henry often shares snippets of his rigorous training sessions, inspiring many to push their limits.

    Engaging in various charitable activities, Derrick's efforts, especially in the sphere of children's education, showcases his commitment to making a difference.

    17. DeAndre Hopkins

    DeAndre Hopkins, wide receiver for the Arizona Cardinals, has hands that seemingly defy physics. Known for his incredible catching ability, he has made some of the most memorable catches in recent NFL history.

    'Nuk', as he's fondly called, has an on-field presence that commands attention. Defensive players often find it challenging to mark him, thanks to his impeccable route running and catching skills.

    Off the field, DeAndre has a flair for fashion. His unique style choices and penchant for luxury watches make him a trendsetter in the NFL fashion scene.

    Engaging with fans on social media, Hopkins often shares moments from his life, be it his training sessions, family moments, or his latest fashion acquisitions.

    His charitable contributions, especially towards causes related to social justice, highlight his commitment to making a positive impact beyond football.

    18. George Kittle

    Tight end for the San Francisco 49ers, George Kittle, is a dynamo both on and off the field. With his infectious energy and standout performances, he's quickly become one of the faces of the NFL.

    On the field, Kittle is known for his versatility. Equally adept at blocking as he is at catching, he's a nightmare for defenses.

    His off-field persona is characterized by his fun-loving nature. Whether it's joking around with teammates, engaging in friendly banter on social media, or showcasing his love for wrestling, Kittle is always in the limelight.

    His commitment to fitness is commendable. Videos of his training routines, focusing on agility and strength, are often shared, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look into his preparation.

    Being actively involved in charitable endeavors, especially those supporting military families, George's efforts reflect his compassionate side.

    19. T.J. Watt

    Linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, T.J. Watt, comes from a family of football greats. But he's carved a niche for himself with his exceptional gameplay and relentless drive.

    Watt's on-field performances are a testament to his dedication and talent. His ability to read the game, combined with his physical prowess, makes him a standout defensive player.

    Off the gridiron, T.J. has a down-to-earth personality. His interactions with fans, whether it's signing autographs or engaging on social media, showcase his approachable nature.

    His training routines, often shared with fans, give an insight into the hard work and dedication that goes into being an elite athlete.

    Watt's charitable contributions, especially towards causes related to children's hospitals and community upliftment, reflect his commitment to making a difference.

    20. Kyler Murray

    The Arizona Cardinals' quarterback, Kyler Murray, is a blend of speed, agility, and impeccable throwing ability. His dual-threat capability makes him one of the most exciting players to watch in the NFL.

    Murray's rise in the league has been meteoric. Despite concerns about his height, his performances have silenced critics, proving that talent and hard work can overcome any perceived limitations.

    Off the field, Kyler's calm and composed demeanor contrasts with his electric gameplay. His interactions with fans and teammates reveal a genuine and humble individual.

    His commitment to community service, especially initiatives focused on youth and education, showcases his desire to give back.

    Murray's future in the NFL looks promising, and he's undoubtedly one of its hottest stars currently.

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