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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    There's Something About gifts

    When the love language of someone special is the giving and receiving of gifts, there's no greater feeling to them than knowing you were thinking about them when you picked it out. That sentiment of thoughtfulness is one often expressed by those that prefer gestures of kindness over words, regardless of the price. It's not just the gift itself, but the thought and consideration that comes with it.

    Gift giving for any occasion can often be a complex undertaking in relationship dynamics. It can be a sign of admiration, care, or even an act of devotion. The right gift can make all the difference in the world to someone whose love language is receiving gifts. There are those who are particularly attuned to the expression of love through gift giving and those that find themselves perplexed by its complexity. How do you pick the perfect gesture of love? What conveys your intent without screaming desperation? How do you stand out without being too ostentatious? All important questions that need to be asked before selecting the gift, but it's something most people attempt to figure out with unique individual flair.

    The burstiness that comes with this form of expressing one’s love can be overwhelming, but yet so fulfilling when done from heart. The eagerness and anticipation with which the gift is opened serves as an organic reminder that the gesture was much appreciated. A quick peep into their eyes when the gift is unveiled reveals the feelings of joy and surprise, with the subtle hint of emotions that cannot be otherwise expressed in words. These moments are priceless and nothing beats the satisfaction of knowing you've brought joy to someone you care deeply for.

    Though it may be a cliché to some, the unwritten code of gratitude that springs from thoughtful gift giving serves as an undeniable sign of genuine appreciation. Whether it's an overly-expensive item or a simple token of love, the recipient needs to know that a great deal of effort and thought went into it. Whether they show it or not, there's no mistaking the happiness that follows.

    It's often said that the price of a gift is the sum of thought multiplied by imagination. To present someone special with something their heart desires is an art, and not just anyone can get it right. To be able to pinpoint the exact thing that’ll make the recipient feel cherished is a hard-earned skill, but with the right approach and attitude it’s definitely something that can be achieved. All it takes is a bit of intuition, discernment and a willingness to understand what pushes their button.

    So next time you're on the hunt for a meaningful gift, remember that the genuine message of love and thoughtfulness that comes attached with it often exceeds the price. The old but true saying of ‘it’s the thought that counts’ couldn’t be more appropriate when it comes to gift giving – think less about the cost and a bit more about the emotion. In the end, the most honest expression of love is one that says “I love that you were thinking about me”.

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