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  • Steven Robinson
    Steven Robinson

    The Colors of Love

    Love is an emotion that cannot be described in any one color. It comes in all shades, creating its own vibrant rainbow. When we think of the word "love", different images come to mind: a rose, a heart, a dove carrying an olive branch, or the blissful embrace of two lovers. However, love's true spectrum goes much further than just these symbols.

    Let's start with the color red. We often associate this passionate hue with romantic love. But there is more to its deep hue than what meets the eye. Red speaks to passion and desire, but it can also represent determination, will and courage. For instance, a red ribbon can symbolize an individual's willingness to fight for the cause of human rights. Similarly, in love, we display our commitment by taking action for the wellbeing of our partner, risking ourselves in the process. A man might face a social stigma by moving to be close to his lover, or perhaps a woman will bravely choose to stay with her partner despite being judged by society. These actions may seem simple, but they require strength, courage and passion - all of which are represented by red.

    Another primary color often linked with love is pink. It is often viewed as something light and bubbly; the sweet softer side of red. It is whimsical and optimistic, yet still carries with it a bright enthusiasm that can only be described as something truly special. In love, both partners bring their own positive energy to the relationship. There are jokes that make us laugh, silly games to keep us entertained and loving words that fill us up with joy. Our happiness is amplified through the presence of our beloved until we feel as if we are touching the stars. This type of enthusiastic love can be characterized as pink - warm, spirited and effervescent.

    As we explore different tints of pink, we enter the realm of purple. Purple is associated with magic and intuition, the mystical and unknowable energy of the universe. While this might not be the first color one would typically associate with love, it is important to recognize that it is indeed possible to find loving comfort in something obscure and unknown. True nature of love is an enigma that we never fully understand no matter how hard we try. There will always be mystery in every relationship due to each individuals set of circumstances, values and experiences that shape who they are and how they doubtlessly exhibit love in their own distinct way. We must respect that some aspects of love remain elusive and unknowable - almost supernatural in both beauty and grace.

    The last primary color worth considering when exploring the color wheel of love is blue. Blue is mostly associated with trust, honesty and understanding – qualities that are absolutely necessary ingredients for sustaining relationships over time. Relationships evolve over time, new layers of feelings grow stronger while other traits begin to disappear. Blue serves as a reminder that mutual trust must remain a consistent underlying factor, serving as a sturdy foundation for times ahead when things become difficult or uncertain.

    When it comes to love, every hue carries its own unique energy and plays its part within any relationship. Love is an infinite harmony between singular colors such as red, pink, purple and blue - all occurring simultaneously as notes in this cosmic arrangement of beauty. All emotions have their place within the vast realm of love and each deserves recognition as they come together to create a magical symphony of intensity unseen in any other form.

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