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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    The Challenges of Sharing Your Bed With a New Partner

    Whether it be in the honeymoon suite after a wedding night, or curled up together for the first time in an already established relationship, sharing a bed with someone new can be an unforgettable — and complicated— experience. You may feel giddy with excitement and ready to explore this next level of physical intimacy, but there are several concerns that should be addressed before every couple dives into bed together.

    Despite being a seemingly common occurrence, a lot of awkwardness and confusion can arise when two individuals begin to share a bed. The pleasant pleasure of bedsharing can quickly turn sour if one has not taken the necessary steps to ensure the need for a little extra security, support, and privacy before cuddling up for the night. Whether it’s for an extended honeymoon, vacation, or transitioning from sleeping apart to snuggling up side-by-side every night, preparing yourself for the potential bumps in the road as you journey towards a comfortable and enjoyable shared sleeping experience can help ensure a happier bedtime routine.

    First, it is important to consider the significance of boundaries in a shared bed space. Setting concrete expectations about acceptable behaviors and comfort levels can alleviate potential disagreements and hurt feelings down the line. For example, one might mention they prefer bedtime to be a quiet and peaceful zone, while another needs background noise to fall asleep. Before tucking in to sleep, it may be beneficial to discuss quirks, habits, or irrational fears that could disrupt a comfortable evening. If you’re both on the same page of how to respect each other's feelings, bedtime can easily become a zone of relaxation and joy instead of a stressful period of uncontrolled emotions.

    Before choosing to spend the night in close quarters with a new partner, be honest with yourself and reflect on your current emotional availability and readiness for the relationship at large. Once wrapped up together in disheveled sheets, you will be much more exposed to all forms of vulnerability. One wrong move could have the potential to vividly unearth buried emotional issues that still await healing. As such, it is highly recommended that each person take the time to appreciate their own mental, spiritual, and social state; if any part of these facets still awaits proper understanding and resolution, it could be beneficial to pause and work through any underlying issues before progressing further in the relationship.

    On the flip side, if both partners have evaluated their mental and emotional needs and proceed feeling that it is an appropriate time to move forward, then the benefits of shared sleeping can be fully realized. Companionship can be invaluable in combatting feelings of loneliness, allowing us to develop deeper connections to those we care about most. enveloping someone in the warmth of an embrace can symbolize a great sense of security and comfort in a loving relationship. This type of safety leads to increased feelings of empowerment and trust that allow a couple to thrive and to deepen their bond.

    Bedsharing can be a powerful tool and opportunity for growth in any relationship, whether it's a quick night away or a full commitment on the horizon. Taking the time to thoroughly discuss potential joys and Pitfalls produced from cohabiting bedspace will ensure a happy experience, building a strong platform for the relationship to progress further in the future.

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