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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    Reading Between the Lines: Discovering if a Girl Likes You

    In a world of enigmatic body language, facial expressions and unspoken words, it can be difficult to decode if someone else has romantic feelings for you. Chances are, you've asked yourself “does she like me?” at least once during your life. Admitting your feelings to another can be scary - and therein lies the problem. How can you determine how someone else feels without surrounding yourself in an uncomfortable or potentially embarrassing situation? The answer lies by carefully analyzing non-verbal cues, as sometimes it's what isn't being said which is most important.

    Let’s start with small talk—the conversations that take place between two people who are just getting to know each other (or if they may want to get to know each other). If the person of interest opens up a conversation with you and begins by asking questions such as “How have you been? How was your day?” then this could be a sign that she views you in a different light than just a friend. Furthermore, if she questions about your interests, likes and opinions, this suggests that she is interested in understanding you on a deeper level.

    When it comes to flirting, non-verbal cues are just as vital as anything that can be expressed out loud. Begin to observe her movements and mannerisms when she is around you - whether that is in the hallways of school, at a local grocery store, or any other place where you two may cross paths. If she is touching her hair or adjusting her clothes when she speaks to you, then this is an indicator that she has an increased level of comfort due to your presence. Also, does she make a lot of eye contact? Giving someone direct eye contact is supposed to communicate attraction, especially in interpersonal situations such as these.

    However, one must be cautious when trying to read between the lines, as many of these signs could also be indicative of a girl merely being friendly. One great way of determining if someone wants more than just a platonic relationship is by gauging her reaction when one talks about another love interest. If a sour expression appears over her face, or she diverts the conversation quickly, this could mean that she has deeper feelings for you than she may outwardly display.

    When it comes to deciphering how someone feels and discerning if that person is harboring amorous emotions, the best thing you can do is to take the classic advice of following your gut. Analyze the non-verbal ques and outward clues; assess how she behaves differently when you are around; and subjectively ask yourself, “does she share the same feelings as I do?”. Don’t be intimidated to make the first move, but also don’t put yourself into an awkward situation if your gut instinct tells you that maybe it’s best to keep your lips sealed. As life teaches us, some of the best rewards come in the form of taking risks. So, decision time: think long and hard, go with your heart, and open up yourself up to the potential of true love. Which decision will you choose?

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