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  • Natalie Garcia
    Natalie Garcia

    Is it Ever Possible to Fully Rebuild a Broken Trust ?

    Trust is an essential requirement for any successful relationship. Without a fundamental level of trust in each other, it is impossible for any couple to build anything meaningful and stay together. Yet trust can very easily be broken and the damage caused by a partner’s betrayal can deeply corrode the bond between them. Leaving those betrayed in a very difficult situation — how do they rebuild a relationship in which trust has been destroyed?

    When a relationship is suddenly thrown into disarray due to one person’s lapse in judgement or failure of judgement, it can be an overwhelming shock for much more than just their partner. Most commonly it is their partner who is left feeling betrayed and victimised to the point where any attempt towards a reconcilliation may feel futile, if even desriable at all. When something that was seen as secure can be crushed so completely, it can feel like a huge mountain to climb when it needs to be rebuilt. The hurt, doubt and fear that linger within can be devastating both emotionally and mentally, suspending hope and doubt simultaneously.

    The process of rebuilding a broken trust can be a troublesome and slow one—often times riddled with many intense and deeply personal conversations with your partner in order to touch upon the core issues that caused the incidence in the first place. It is important to take into account that this aspect of rebuilding can be agonisingly stressful because no matter how desperate the attempt is, full trust may never be restored—especially after more concerned with process cycles. There has to be a leap of faith made in order for any progress to be made and for the relationship to continue.

    On the other hand, trust can also be regained depending on what it was broken for in the first place. More often than not, small blunders can be rectified with honest appologies and understanding that things occur. A vital part of growing as a couple comes from being open and honest with one another, learning to forgive the past and the mistakes we make and moving onwards together. To get there, conversations have to move slowly and with intent to understand and think deeply about things before jumping to conclusions. Exploring each other’s thought processes and opinions helps both individuals become more aware of the importance of effective communication in any relationship, as well as developing skills to communicate and work through issues effectively.

    It takes tremendous effort, patience and emotional maturity to get over the tensions and traumas caused by broken trust, particularly when everything that was taken for granted is gone forever. One of the greatest steps which can begin this arduous process is simply to be open to it in the first place. Developing trust is a two way street and involves the entire relationship; both parties need to come to an understanding and a willingness to commit to restoring the ways of the past.

    Therefore, it is possible to rebuild trust after it has been damaged, but this doesn’t always mean it will be as it was before. Recognize that the process of doing so is as lengthy and arduous as it can be rewarding and profound, so journey wisely and surely, and don’t give up whilst still taking the necessary precautions along the way.

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