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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Is Ending a Relationship the Right Path? Rewiring Our Perception to Find Inner Peace

    It's a difficult decision to make in life – whether or not to continue a relationship. Whether it's in a marriage, dating, or with a family member or friend, relationships are incredibly complex and require constant effort. When there are significant issues that can't be overcome, it's tempting to jump ship and take the easier path out. But do we really consider the consequences of such a snap decision? Do we really take the time to think about the implications and whether such an action will truly be beneficial?

    For starters, even thinking about ending a relationship is arduous and daunting. It’s enough of a challenge to resolve the situation causing stress, worrying about the potential outcome that nothing will change and feeling like an utter failure for not knowing how to make it work. Feeling lost and alone also follows, providing an unsettling mix of emotions that can take a physical toll on our bodies. It seems easier to just turn away rather than face the problem needing resolution.

    For these reasons, it’s often best to take a step back. We need to gain perspective and take a moment to reconnect with our inner self when we’re feeling caught between a rock and a hard place. What do you want in this situation? Which course of action is most important to you and your growth so you don’t regret your decision down the road? There are no simple answers and it would be a blessing if there were, but not everything can be solved right away.

    Sometimes we need to care for ourselves and that is also ok, even if it means ending a relationship. When it comes to striving for peace, sometimes we need to figure out which areas we shouldn't invest our energy in. This can be hard for many who crave the security of a sure thing and fear the unknown of leaving familiar surroundings. Afterall, life is full of both positive and negative experiences.

    When faced with such a quandary, it's really all a matter of taking the time to evaluate both sides of the equation and ask yourself, “What do I need from this?” Is it important to stay in a relationship for the longterm, will it bring more problems than rewards, or can it be salvaged with a fresh start away from your current location?

    It's all a matter of personal choice. Despite the extensive negative emotions linked with partings, the decisions should never be rushed and the situation should be evaluated fully before diving into any decisions and should always come back to your own wishes and comfort levels. We have to assess all aspects of the landscape, because closure is oftentimes the biggest motivator in fully moving on. As a result, it's exceptionally important to do what we believe is best for our own happiness and peace of mind.

    Deciding to break out of negative influences and focus on our own well-being should always be an option – it's invaluable and liberating. We may feel tied down by certain obligations and stuck in unfavorable situations. But remember, a major part of inner peace is learning to take the reins of our life and live the path that's true to us.

    There's no guarantee and life won't always be easy, but it's a worthwhile endeavor that reaps wonderful rewards, especially when we stay true to our own needs.

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