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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    Insecurity: Breaking All Too Commonly Into Relationships

    Since the dawn of humanity, insecurities have been invading us from all fronts. Living in today's world has only increased these anxieties as we are trapped between a perpetual cycle of comparing ourselves to others and judgment from society. While such doubts may take root in our personal lives, there is an even more devastating consequence when insecurity disrupts our relationships. Too frequently insecurity becomes a force of destruction that erases any hope of lasting love.

    When individuals enter a relationship, they bring along with them a whole host of complexities and insecurities. Such doubts may arise from a fear of abandonment, previous bad breakups, or turmoil from other areas of life. Regrettably, insecurities will often reveal themselves in the form of jealousy, controlling behavior, or general mistrust. Trying to cling on to someone, whether it is through aggression or manipulation, will do nothing but push that person away and end any meaningful connection. Likewise, loneliness and anxiety can produce irrational fears about the person we love. Thus, it is easy for imagined scenarios to become fodder for suspicion. Before long this untempered obsession with the other person causes damage that cannot be undone.

    It is not enough to simply become aware of the deleterious imprint envy and misgiving can have on our relationships. If a person wishes to conquer their insecurities they must do more than recognizing their presence. Taking proactive steps, such as participating in therapy or self-help programs, can help a person explore and change their defense mechanisms. Learning to trust each other, talking openly and honestly, and generally celebrating one another are just some of the ways to protect a relationship from insecurity's ruinous power. It will not be instantaneous, but with diligent effort and willingness to face our vulnerabilities, we can keep insecurity from ending what meant so much.

    At its most basic level, relationships require mutual trust and respect for both parties. By sharing our doubts and providing the comfort and empathy each of us needs, we can help those suffering from anxiety abide in companionship without fear or hesitation. Much too often people allow insecurity to derail the journey of love. But with effort and dedication, it becomes possible to navigate around insecurity's destructive wake and create relationships that will be strong and long-lasting.

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