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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    How to Strike the Perfect Blend of Friendship and Responsibilities

    From the moment they’re born, children are pushed forward along a conveyor belt that often moves too quickly for them, or their parents, to keep up. Every stage holds new learning experiences and responsibilities. As adolescence begins, young people guide themselves down various paths that suit their passions and desires, while trying to satisfy the expectations of their parents. This journey toward adulthood is rarely easy, particularly in a world that throws so many distractions and variables in the way.

    As you reach the age of 14, the journey may become even more challenging. Suddenly, much of your life seems to revolve around friends. Seeing your peers, whether it’s for lunchtime conversations, movies, or other outings, becomes an important part of everyday life. Building and maintaining these relationships can be crucial to the start of a well-rounded and fulfilling adolescence. Yet, creating these connections can cause problems if it impedes on your educational and familial accomplishments.

    It almost seems impossible to find the perfect balance between having fun and fulfilling responsibilities as a student and son or daughter. Yet, achieving equilibrium isn’t an impossibility. There are steps you can take that will help you create harmony within your life.

    Know Thy Priorities

    The most effective way to strike a balance between friendship-building and other duties is to take a step back and recognize what’s important. Easier said than done, sure. Still, it’s crucial to comprehend which tasks are most vital, and work on them first. Doing this will help assuage worries of not accomplishing what’s needed before having a chance to do something fun.

    To help turn these into habits, set yourself mini-goals. Being able to finish assignments, take care of cleaning and other chores, and spend time with peers each day or week can promote both self-satisfaction and your level of content. Even if you don’t win every battle, the idea that you feel good about doing the things you need is essential.


    Oftentimes, adolescents feel torn between two conflicting worlds; their own and their parents’. The two sides don’t always agree, creating a divide between how you want to move forward and the expectations others may have for you. Communication is key here. If you’re honest and open about your desires and true intentions, it can go a long way towards creating a better rapport between yourself and the folks that are guiding you through life.

    Explaining the importance of seeing friends and spending time outside of the house can be instrumental in finding a suitable compromise. In some cases, discussing what you plan to do can adress any worries that your parents have. For example, let them know who you’ll be meeting, explain whereyou’ll be going, and reveal when you expect to return home. Having these honest conversations can also set a standard, as parents may be more willing to allow more freedom after seeing that you can prove trustworthy.

    Be Flexible

    Life happnes and uncertainties occur. People get sick, job shifts change, social plans cancel, schoolwork arises suddenly. Being flexible not only helps accommodate these unexpected mometary disruptions, but can also help you regain control. Oftentimes having an open mindset about small and large issues allows for an easier balancing act between friendship-building and other duties. Be prepared to step forward and back when things don’t go as planned and be ready to learn lessons for the future.

    Encouraging Goals

    Who dosen’t love looking ahead? Working towards future successes can provide a great deal of satisfaction. Not only will they build anticipation and joy, they can help organize a plan befitting your goals. Building upon your educational, career, and personal aspirations can be tremendously satisfying, motivating, and insightful. Utilize those moments when troubles arise to reflect and strengthen your underlying desires.

    All Things in Moderation

    As per usual, manage everything with moderation. A healthy amount of homework and successful completion of chores and tasks is often desired by parents. Plus, learning about responsibility and accountability—and deciding how much fun you actually want to have in life—can come from getting assignments done properly.

    But too much may impede on enjoyment and lead to feelings of resentment. Striving to leave some time in each day to have genuine fun and appreciate and experience the moments in life is essential. Not only will it make adolescents content, but also provide a sense of peace and harmony, knowing you accomplished things that also deepen your connection with family and friends.

    It all comes down to managing the balance of it all. Everyone has things to do, people to see and places to go. But there’s no need to stress. Strive to strike a reasonable blend, and things will fall more into place. Do your best to keep an open mind and remember that it’s possible to do both—be responsible and create meaningful bonds with those around you. As you juggle all of your responsiilty and activities, be sure to enjoy the journey.

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