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  • Matthew Frank
    Matthew Frank

    How to Ride the Emotional Rollercoaster of Relationships

    It’s natural to feel the highest highs and the lowest lows when it comes to relationships. Fonds memories of tender moments can flood your soul with pure joy, while the sting of heartbreaking hurt can leave you feeling empty, drained, and even hopeless. But regardless of what life throws our way, it’s important to remember that all relationships are a rollercoaster ride - both figuratively and literally.

    Before hopping on this metaphorical coaster, it’s important to understand the importance of resilience and openness. Resilience is about bouncing back from hardships no matter how low and long the fall, while openness is about learning to navigate relationships through communication and self-awareness. Both are necessary in order to effectively manage the highs and lows that come with all types of relationships.

    When things become difficult, it’s easy to surrender to feelings of isolation and despair. During these dark moments, it’s essential to embrace patience and trust the process. Research has shown that cortisol - the “stress hormone” - can be detrimental to the emotional and psychological health of individuals, causing feelings of hopelessness and helplessness. It’s therefore important to open yourself up to vulnerability and allow yourself to feel the range of emotions you’re experiencing. Practicing self-care techniques such as deep breathing, journaling, and meditating can help to process and manage these feelings.

    At the same time, don’t forget to take hold of the reigns and be courageous when it’s time to express yourself or practice tough love. Positive communication is a powerful tool, which requires practicing empathy and understanding. Knowing when to accept responsibility, forgive and show grace, as well as when to take a stand and protect yourself, are paramount skills that should be developed in order to maintain respectful relationships.

    It’s also important to recognize the patterns of life’s natural ebbs and flows, allowing them to come and go without such intense attachment. When you are engaged in the upswings of life, be sure to recognize and savor those wins, giving yourself a much-needed break from any negative momentum. Forgive yourself for not always knowing the “right” way of handling situations, and instead focus on self-love and positivity.

    Relationships are a rollercoaster ride, full of thrilling tall peaks and death-defying drops. Despite the highs and lows, try to remember that you are the only one in control. Internalize the power of choice. Rely on the help and guidance of the universe. And most importantly, remain vigilant and kind to yourself throughout the journey.

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