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    Paula Thompson

    How to Create Balance with an Independent Partner

    Being in a relationship can be hard. Even more so if your partner is highly independent. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you’ve got two strong personalities butting heads. it's beneficial for both parties to find a way to maintain an independent lifestyle while also creating balance.

    On their own, individual people have personal goals they may want to achieve. When two partners come together and one’s independence threatens to overwhelm, it can create a challenge. Even so, it’s possible to work through this. There are ways for couples to uncover balance between independence and commitment. Here are some tips to get started:

    Identify and Acknowledge Each Other’s Strengths

    If both partners recognize that each brings something to the relationship, it can help each person to see the value of having an independent partner. Couples should take some time to identify each other’s strengths and actively acknowledge them. This might look like identifying each other’s talents, interests, or intellectual pursuits before discussing how to incorporate those into the relationship.

    From there, partners can discuss how to involve the strong points in their relationship. Do they spend time alone doing their own activities? Or maybe they choose a shared activity that can be performed differently by each person. When these qualities are respected and respected, it gives each partner the freedom to accomplish personal goals while still being in a relationship.

    Commit to Mutual Respect

    Respect is key to finding balance in any relationship and it is especially true in relationships with an independent partner. Acknowledging each other’s needs for autonomy is essential for striking a balance. What does respecting each other look like? Both partners should agree not to judge each other’s decisions on how they use their free time. partners should accept reasonable boundaries such as not calling each other right away if one of them is trying to spend some time alone.

    Focus on Communication

    When feelings of tension arise in a relationship between an independent and non-independent partner, communication is key. Having a secure emotional connection is a foundational piece of any relationship, whether it be private or romantic. By making sure to share feelings in an open and honest way couples can stay on top of things and create new solutions together. Moreover, good communication can help couples understand how each person could feel supported even with divergent levels of independence.

    As a part of having open and honest communication, couples should also decide what their relationship roles will look like. Some details to consider could be who will take on specific tasks such as handling certain bills or maintenance of the home. However, those roles should always remain flexible. As the relationship and each partner evolves, so too should the roles.

    Create Time for Togetherness

    Even though independence does have its place in a relationship, it’s important to remember why you chose to partner up in the first place. Make sure to set aside time for just the two of you to talk, laugh, and explore new experiences together. Participating in activities outside of a couple dynamic can be enriching, but couples should still make sure they take the necessary time to connect with one another.

    Having an independent partner can be a challenge but it can also bring many positives to a relationship. As long as both partners remember to communicate, respect each other, acknowledge strengths, and create time to spend together, it’s easy to find a healthy balance that works for everyone. Although being in a relationship with an independent partner may be a little different, it can help create a dynamic partnership.

    Each partner should remember to listen, be receptive to feedback, and practice self-care during each step of the journey. When both partners approach their relationship from the same page, there’s no doubt that creating a balanced relationship between two independent selves is very doable.

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