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  • Olivia Sanders
    Olivia Sanders

    How do you deal with jealousy and insecurity in a relationship?

    Love is a complex web of emotions that can quickly unravel when left unchecked. Jealousy and insecurity can wreak havoc in a relationship more than any other opposing emotion. But why are these emotions so destructive and how can it be overcome? It can be difficult to move past such deep-seeded beliefs but taking the time to assess and tackle them can be integral to the success of any relationship.

    It's no surprise that fear, anxiety and insecurity in a relationship will lead to an erosion of trust. Every thought or action could be interpreted as an indication of further betrayal. Jealousy is simply the fear of losing what you have been blessed with, proving an unbreakable strand in the fabric of relationships. But letting such powerful emotions dictate every move can either reinforce or completely destroy the bond of a union.

    When jealousy and insecurity start to undermine your core, it’s important to acknowledge and deal with it first hand. Identifying the likely source can be immensely beneficial, allowing one to tap into a deeper level of understanding. Questions such as ‘What is making me feel this way? What thoughts are making me so worried about my partner?’ can keep insecurities at bay by involving one’s mental strength.

    Expressing your feelings on the situation is an important step in overcoming these turbulent emotions. Reassurance from a partner can instantly reduce anxiety and open up a much-needed dialogue between the two of you. Dispelling any fears or doubts is key in building a strong and lasting foundation of love. A recollection of experiences and the acknowledgement of vulnerabilities allow for a greater understanding of the individual, resulting in increased support and comfort.

    An important part of tackling jealousy and insecurity is recognizing if it’s warranted. Consciously processing the idea that perhaps insecurity is coming from a logical standpoint and not just self-defeating thoughts helps in understanding the situation better. People often jump to some sort of conclusion that results in a breakdown in communication and can ultimately prevent the relationship from growing.

    In order to break down barriers set by personal insecurities, open and honest communication is essential. Releasing the weight of a guilty conscience is often enough to rebuild trust and loyalty between two people. Connecting in an intimate manner with one another is an significant part of understanding each other’s feelings. After all, without talking through the issues that evoke ill-feelings, one cannot expect to make any progress.

    Jealousy and insecurity can seem almost insurmountable at times but, with effort and patience, it can be conquered. It is important to recognize this as an opportunity for personal growth as well as for bringing yourself closer to your partner. By courageously facing these emotions and working together, you can foster a relationship of stability and faithfulness.

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